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July 27, 2016 / 21 Tammuz, 5776

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Success is within Reach

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Leah, a smart, talented, and social fifth grader down right hates school! According to her mom, Leah would feign just about any illness to avoid going to school. This has resulted in increased conflict and tension in the home as Leah’s parents are at their wits end trying to figure out what is wrong with their agitated child. 

For Leah, school is a struggle. Although she tries her best to keep up with her peers, she finds that no matter how hard she tries, she’s often gets failing marks and sees herself falling further and further behind academically.  For those who know her, this problem does not make any sense. Leah is bright, very curious and full of life, but she turns into a ball of frustration and anxiety as soon as she is required to do anything school related. 

Leah is not alone. Many children today struggle in school, but this does not need to be the case. Often the struggle is a result of an undiagnosed learning disability, the most common of which is dyslexia. Yet with the right approach, these student can not only succeed, they can soar. 

Dyslexia is a neurologic language based learning difficulty that affects ones ability to acquire reading, process language, write, spell and comprehend written material despite adequate exposure, motivation, and at least average to very superior level of intelligence. Research shows that dyslexia affects 1 in 5 children and varies in severity from mild, moderate, severe, to profound. Children with dyslexia are present in every classroom, but often are not identified because of lack of knowledge on the part of the school and the parents, and also due to the child’s strong desire to hide their learning difficulty. Because these children don’t look different from children who are not dyslexic; there are no outward physical signs of dyslexia aside from the child’s obvious struggle to read or comprehend written material, dyslexia is often referred to as a “hidden disability”. Only recently through fMRI research have researchers been able to uncover and identify the neurological imprint of dyslexia in the brain. Although dyslexics can be helped to improve their reading skills throughout their lifespan, early identification, ideally by first grade or the latest by third grade, combined with a proven research based reading intervention can go a long way to correct and not just compensate for this learning difference. 

In addition to an appropriate reading intervention there is much that teachers and parents can do to enable these students to succeed in school. Knowledge is power. Start by educating yourself about what dyslexia is (a neurological learning difference) and what it is not (it is not about seeing letters backwards). Visit your local library or learning disabilities websites online to learn more about this condition. Many children with dyslexia can be taught to read, yet once they master reading, they will still need appropriate accommodations and modifications to succeed in the classroom, because having dyslexia compromises their reading and writing speed and spelling as compared to their non-dyslexic peers. With the right combination of accommodations and modifications that gap can be minimized, while enabling the child to demonstrate their true capabilities and experience success. 

Some may express concern that giving dyslexic children accommodations and modifications will give them a “leg up on the competition”. That they will have an “unfair advantage” over their non-dyslexic peers. Research shows that nothing can be further from the truth. Even with accommodations and modifications in place, dyslexic students still have to work harder than their non-dyslexic classmates to succeed. Having these resources simply enables them to better acquire the information and demonstrate what they know.

Dr. Rinat R. Green

Updated: Jewish Teen Stabs 4 Arab in Dimona “I thought they were terrorists”

Friday, October 9th, 2015

This story has been updated and corrected from a previous version.

Four Arab men were stabbed in Dimona on Friday morning, according to a MDA report.

The stabber was a 17-year-old Jewish teenager from Dimona, he was caught outside a Dimona school.

As the stabber approached the school, the guard fired in the air, and police arrested the teen.

The 17-year-old Jewish stabber told police he thought the Arabs were terrorists, and that is why he attacked them.

The injured Arabs are Bedouin employees of the municipality, working as street cleaners. Two of them are in moderate to serious condition

The teenager was previously known to local police.

Jewish Press News Briefs

First Day of School

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

President Ruby Rivlin opened the new school year with new first grade students at the Mamad Shilat school in the Jewish town of Paduel in the Shomron, on September 1, 2015.

Photo of the Day

2.2M Israeli Children Return to the Classrooms

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Slightly more than two million children returned to school this morning (Tues. Sept. 1) in the State of Israel.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett visited a local school in Ra’anana where photographers snapped pictures of the minister and other parents bringing their children to class and ceremoniously bidding them farewell.

Children arrive to their first day of First Grade at Paula Ben Gurion elementary school in Jerusalem.

First Grade at Paula Ben Gurion elementary school in Jerusalem.

Bennett recently presented a national plan to increase the number of students graduating from advanced mathematics classes, with an initial goal to double the numbers in four years.

The plan, at an estimated cost of NIS 75 million, will double the number of advanced math teachers within four years from 1,000 to 2,000. In addition, 15,000 hours of classes and study assistance will be added to the curriculum.

“All districts are ready, the schools are ready,” the minister wrote on his Facebook page Monday night, adding, “166,208 teachers are ready for 2,194,931 Israeli students.

First Grade students attending school at Paula Ben Gurion elementary school in Jerusalem.

First Grade students at Paula Ben Gurion elementary school in Jerusalem.

“The school year will open as planned, without any strikes or surpises. I wish the children of Israel – Good luck! We love you!”

Despite those warm wishes and the successful start to the new school year, however, Bennett is already under attack from Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni, a former government minister.

Livni attended opening day at the Yachad School in Modi’in, where she slammed Bennett’s recent statement that one can achieve more social tolerance by strengthening Jewish identity, rather than by a “melting pot” approach.

“Bennett is forgetting the other side of the equation,” she said. “The ‘other’ does not need to be ‘me’ but the other has to respect the ‘me’… to respect his heritage, to respect his language, and following the proliferation of incidents of racism and hatred this summer, we must teach that the ‘other’ does not need to be a frightening, incited and besmirched enemy.

“Along with improving and strengthening studies in mathematics, it is essential that we first teach our children to be human beings,” Livni said.

Bennett covered precisely that concept in a statement last month, saying “If I study my identity as an Israeli, as a Jew, in depth, and I am at peace with this identity, I do not need to fear meeting a person who is different, respecting him, appreciating him, working alongside him.

“We need to respect identity while advancing tolerance.”

Hana Levi Julian

Children in Bomb Shelters

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

School children around the country sat in bomb shelters today as sirens sounded throughout Israel at 11:05 AM as part of a of an IDF Home Front Command drill simulating a missile attack on the country.

There will be another siren at 7:05 PM this evening.

Yup, that’s the kind of neighborhood we live in (but I wouldn’t live anywhere else).

Photo of the Day

UN Envoy Warns Syrian Refugees Will Outnumber Lebanese Schoolchildren

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are overwhelming that country’s public school system, according to former British prime minister Gordon Brown.

Currently a special education envoy for the United Nations, Brown issued a statement Tuesday appealing for more support for the Lebanese school system.

Brown himself vowed to help Lebanon raise $100 million towards the effort before August, the start of the coming school year.

Some 106,000 Syrian children have been enrolled in in more than 150 Lebanese public schools, Gordon reported Tuesday in a joint news conference in Beirut with Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Sa’ab.

More than 400,000 Syrian children require education – nearly twice the total number of Lebanese children enrolled in school.

The situation further complicates an already delicate military picture for Israel.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization has created its guerrilla bases, bunkers, terror tunnels and arsenals in high population areas where both Lebanese civilians and now Syrian refugees also reside.

Hezbollah terrorists have long been aiding the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corpsmen in their fight to help government troops defend the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In Lebanon, the terrorists now clearly plan to use that country’s civilians as human shields in any future war with Israel, as did their Gaza counterparts south of Israel, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, who both are also backed by Iran.

Hana Levi Julian

Earthquake Preparation Day

Monday, February 16th, 2015

If it’s not missiles, then it’s earthquakes, or at least being prepared for missiles and earthquakes.

Schools in Israel will be running earthquake training and drills from 10 AM to 12 PM today to ensure the staff and students know what to do and where to go in case of an earthquake.

Be prepared.

Jewish Press News Briefs

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