Has Trump Finally Figured it Out?

Choosing John Bolton as his national security advisor gives the president the foreign-policy team members he needs. But will he listen to them?

Must Israel do America’s Dirty Work?

Netanyahu’s Munich speech in which he gives Iran a warning was denounced as a provocation. But the real alert is to a Trump administration still asleep at the wheel on Syria.

Will Trump Have ‘Last Word’ over Mid-East ‘Experts?’

The Biden administration’s desire to reinstate foreign-policy establishment conventional wisdom notwithstanding, their predecessor’s Abraham Accords should stand the test of time.

Hebron: City with No solution

Hebron proves that if there is to be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, foreign observers aren’t the solution

BDS Bill Debate is About anti-Semitism, NOT Speech

Rashida Tlaib’s dual-loyalty smear demonstrates why American Jews, who are the real target of the BDS movement, need to speak up.

How Jewish Support for ‘Anti-racism’ Empowered Antisemitism

Two years after the moral panic set off by the death of George Floyd, American Jews need to confront the way the BLM movement and the ideologies that underpin it enable hatred of Jews.

Does the Haggadah Teach the Meaning of Life?

A new guide to the book we read at Passover seders offers some food for thought about why there’s more to the holiday than a ritual meal.

Should Jews be Angry about Pompeo’s Speech from Jerusalem?

The secretary of state’s taped convention address from Israel skirts the line of propriety. But the Democrats’ beef with him is more about politics, not the law.

Arab Allies Mean More than Planes

Friends of Israel fear the impact of a sale of American F-35s to the UAE. But Begin’s lost AWACS fight with Reagan teaches a lesson about seeing potential friends as enemies.

The Portman Factor

The actress’s snub isn’t a victory for BDS or the Israeli prime minister’s political foes, but it does show how Netanyahu’s image problem has undermined one of his strengths.

Agenda for 2019: Defend Jewish Interests, not Partisanship

After a year of division, it’s time for Jews on both sides of the blue-red divide to be willing to take on their allies.

The Netanyahu Indictments: Unfair and Inevitable

The charges against the prime minister set an unfortunate precedent in more ways than one. Here are four takeaways from the charges against him.

Religious Pluralism won’t be Achieved in the Courts

An Israeli Supreme Court ruling recognizing non-Orthodox conversions is more symbolism than substance. The fight to curb the power of the rabbinate must be resolved at the ballot box.

Swimming Against the Tide? The Battle for Camp Ramah

An anti-Zionist group’s effort to use Jewish camps to undermine support for Israel poses a difficult challenge for a key American Jewish institution.

Why we Still Need Heroes like John McCain

Even in this era of cynicism, honoring heroism and national service remains essential. Without it, the ideas that bolster America and Israel suffer.

Don’t Blame Biden’s Appeasement Policy on Trump

With the Iran nuclear deal about to be restored, administration apologists claim that the problem is the former president’s fault. But the “experts” that blast him are wrong.

Can Bipartisan Consensus on Israel be Revived?

The Biden administration has the chance to end the division between the parties about support for the Jewish state. It remains to be seen whether that’s what they want to do.

Wrong Man? Right Decision!

Pres. Donald Trump’s Iran-deal decision was a first, necessary step to reverse his predecessor’s dangerous appeasement policy that empowered a rogue nation.

Are Jews Obligated to Support Reparations for African-Americans?

Momentum for the idea is growing. But the Holocaust analogy undermines a proposal that could do much harm without fixing what’s wrong with America.

Gaza: A problem Without a Solution

If the Trump administration is waving the white flag on its hopes for a fix to Gaza and an Israel-Palestinian peace plan, it’s a sign of realism, not amateurism.

Will Trump’s Pro-Israel Moves Stand?

To the dismay of its opponents, the administration has transformed U.S. policy on Jerusalem and settlements. Will they all be reversed by a Biden administration?

What ‘Our Boys’ DOESN’T Want us to Know

The problem with the HBO series about the summer of 2014 is not its subject matter, but its agenda of moral equivalence about a conflict whose story demands context.

Why Does the World Care What Israel Does About Ukraine?

Caught in the diplomatic and media crossfire caused by the Russian invasion, the disproportionate attention the Jewish state gets has many causes, but is also linked to anti-Semitism.

A Tale of Two Revolutions and Why America MUST be Celebrated

The radical narrative that the United States is incorrigibly racist is rooted in a revisionist spirit that threatens the rule of law, civilization and the Jews.

The Dead-Baby Strategy

Exploiting the death of a Palestinian infant shows the depths to which anti-Israel propaganda has sunk and how effective such immoral arguments can be.in defending human rights.

Why Intersectional Ideology Undermines the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The attempt to tie the civil-rights movement to the war on the Jewish state is based on lies.

Hollywood Blacklist is Back–and Jewish Libs are Cool with it

Seventy years after leftists were purged for their politics, the practice is revived.

Why they Scrawl ‘Free Palestine’ on Synagogues

Despite supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Jews are targeted amid the riots because of anti-Semitic intersectional myths that should not be tolerated.

Anti-Semites and their Jewish Apologists

Jewish foes of Israel want to redefine Jew-hatred in order to give anti-Zionists a pass. Decent people on the left and the right shouldn’t let them get away with it.

In the 21st Century, anti-Zionism Means Antisemitism

Prior to 1948, debates about a Jewish state were common. Today, as a Chicago synagogue proclaims its hostility to Zionism, it means siding with those slaughtering Israelis.


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