Has Trump Finally Figured it Out?

Choosing John Bolton as his national security advisor gives the president the foreign-policy team members he needs. But will he listen to them?

Finally, an Administration Breaks Foreign-policy ‘Rules’

What follows next is unclear, but by killing Iranian arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani, Trump has broken the wheel of appeasement that enabled Tehran’s ongoing aggression.

Unexpected Crisis Debunks the Trump-Netanyahu Analogy.

The coronavirus panic has hurt the president, but the prime minister’s handling of it reminds Israelis of his best qualities and has changed the dynamic of the government coalition standoff

Holocaust Politics is Bad for the Jews

Has Yad Vashem’s commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz been hijacked by Israeli political rivalries and the long reach of Vladimir Putin?

Is There a Right to ‘In-Person’ Religious Services During a Pandemic?

While many disparage efforts to reopen houses of worship before authorities assure that it’s safe, questions about the discriminatory treatment of faith must be answered.

A Belated Obituary for World’s Conscience

The late Kofi Annan was personally respected, but his failures as U.N. Secretary-General explain why the institution remains a sad farce.

When the Rule of Law Breaks Down, No One is Safe

The assault on the Capitol was shocking and disgraceful. It’s also a reminder that everyone’s rights, including minority groups, depends on the preservation of order and respect for democracy.

The Intifada Changed Everything. Will the Next Administration Care?

Two decades later, Arafat’s decision to answer a peace offer with war exploded hopes for peace. Yet the foreign-policy establishment still hasn’t understood what happened.

Has Erdoğan Launched a New Age of Religious Wars?

The reconversion of an Istanbul museum into a mosque, coupled with threats alluding to the Temple Mount, illustrates anew the danger of allowing divided sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Wrong Man? Right Decision!

Pres. Donald Trump’s Iran-deal decision was a first, necessary step to reverse his predecessor’s dangerous appeasement policy that empowered a rogue nation.

Hebron: City with No solution

Hebron proves that if there is to be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, foreign observers aren’t the solution

What would Menachem Begin Think about Israel’s Elections?

It’s nice that this hero’s greatness is finally being recognized by all segments of Israeli society, but the notion that he has somehow become an avatar of today’s left-wingers is bunk.

Bullying Bari Weiss

That the NY Times is a hostile environment for proud Jews like Weiss is hardly a surprise, given the paper’s long and troublesome history on Jewish issues.

Is this the Beginning of a New Cold War Between Biden and Israel?

The administration’s harsh criticisms, combined with renewed appeasement of Iran, bode ill for the alliance. How serious is the president about demanding that Israel bow to his demands?

Nikki Haley: Proof that Americans can Succeed at the UN

The resignation of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley took the political world by surprise, but it’s likely that no one is more disappointed than supporters of Israel.

Don’t Accept the ‘Jewish Privilege’ Myth

Jews reclaimed a hashtag by writing about anti-Semitism. The problem is how extremists seek to shame them into silence or acquiescence to radical schemes.

The Left Wants No Part of Liberal Israel

AOC’s snub of Rabin event means more than just hurt feelings at Peace Now. The star of “The Squad” is sending a message to pro-Israel Democrats: The party’s over.

NY Courts Prove Woke Politics Endangers Jews

A “bail reform” law led to the release of violent criminals who struck again and now to that of a man who vandalized synagogues. And still, the ADL and Jewish left are silent.

Anti-Israel bias in one of America’s biggest newspapers matters

The latest spate of slanted articles in “The New York Times” is important because the writers and editors demonstrate how the shift in the culture has turned against Jews and Israel.

New Israel Fund’s War on Jewish Life

By creating a mechanism to fund anti-Zionist groups, it is attacking not just Israel, but also a federation system vital to maintaining Jewish institutions in America.

The Most Dangerous Letters in the ‘Jewish Alphabet’: Is the ADL a greater threat...

The group’s new deal to help PayPal shut down supposed radicals is part of a Big Tech corporate assault on free expression, not a defense of democracy.

Can we Forgive Each Other Amidst this Tribal Culture War?

At a time when Jews are supposed to look within and admit fault, too many of us are virtue signaling and delegitimizing our opponents. Can we stop?

A Gag About Israel and Vaccines is MORE than a Bad Joke

Pop culture may have more influence over young viewers than news shows. That makes a so-called comedic endorsement of an anti-Semitic blood libel a serious problem.

Did Trump Endanger Israel?

Withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal raised tensions, but it’s Iran that’s more isolated and weaker now, not Israel.

Hollywood Blacklist is Back–and Jewish Libs are Cool with it

Seventy years after leftists were purged for their politics, the practice is revived.

Gaza: A problem Without a Solution

If the Trump administration is waving the white flag on its hopes for a fix to Gaza and an Israel-Palestinian peace plan, it’s a sign of realism, not amateurism.

Must Israel do America’s Dirty Work?

Netanyahu’s Munich speech in which he gives Iran a warning was denounced as a provocation. But the real alert is to a Trump administration still asleep at the wheel on Syria.

Beyond the 7th Step: Lighting a Candle in Hebron

Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs was a reminder of both Jewish rights and the intractable and irrational nature of a conflict that Palestinians don’t wish to end.

Trump’s Plan: Plot, Fantasy or Exercise in Realism?

It’s not clear whether it will bail out Bibi or hurt Gantz, but imagining a future Middle East that accepts most of these terms is actually a practical idea.

Why are Jews and Poles Still Arguing about the Holocaust?

A misleading article about historians and Polish complicity has exacerbated a controversy that distracts us from the need to fight contemporary anti-Semitism rather than relitigate old battles.


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