Emunah Matters!

There are many potential spiritual hazards. How can we survive?

Mishpatim: The Living Torah

How should we understand the difference between the Written Torah and the Oral Torah within the context of Israel's identity and development?

Revitalizing Our Prayers (Part Twenty-Four)

Miracles are those events that are outside the realm of tevah, that which is natural. Nifla’os, on the other hand, are the wonders of natural phenomena such as the intricacies of our equilibrium controlled by the inner ear, the marvels of the human brain, our wondrous heart, and so much more.

Remedying The World: Learning From Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

None of us, of course, can be so presumptuous as to compare ourselves with Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

Sheep, Bread, Fire And Wine: Persistence Is The Key – Parshat Pinchas

The korban hatamid was one of many – what makes it so special?

Cry With Hashem

He then called out, “Zechariah, Zechariah, I have killed the best. Do you want me to kill them all?”

Leaving Egypt

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook wrote: Leaving Egypt will forever represent spring for the entire world.

The Bach’s Heter To Eat Chaddash

The Bach writes that he mentioned his insights to many of the leading gedolim and no one disproved him.

The Eisav That Did Not Have To Be

Not every child can live up to our hopes or expectations, but every child is loved by Hashem.


It seems to me that the practice of the Arizal is exactly what the Sfas Emes is noting and presents a balanced yet deeply spiritual teaching that is vital to internalize.

The Enigmatic Escapee

According to the version that Og saved his mother, it would explain why Og had such longevity, living all the way to the time of Moshe Rabbeinu, since he did such valiant kibud eim, honoring his mother, clutching her for a full year through the tumultuous flood.

Aleph Beta: Behar-Bechukotai: Walking With God

What does the omer & agricultural laws pe'ah & leket teach about the Biblical approach to holidays?

Criticize or Praise?

It is the easiest to only praise, to be "all smiles and hearts," but if you truly care about someone, you do not flatter him. You help him become better.

The Merit Of Eretz Yisrael

The answer to this question can best be understood with a perspective on capitalism.

Tips In His Pocket

An inspired and inspiring list of "SHOULDS" for Elul--and the whole year

The Parsha Experiment – Devarim: Finding Inspiration From Our Past

The message of Moses' speech before the Children of Israel entered the Promised land are still applicable and inspiring to us, today. Join us as we tackle the mystery of Moses' speech.

There Is Shatnez In The Kohen’s Garment

The Chasam Sofer answers that one of only prohibited from wearing a garment that contains shatnez if he does so while wearing the garment for pleasure purposes.

Sensitivity Of A Tzaddik

For the next seventeen years, every time they spoke and every time they were together, there was a certain wedge keeping them apart.

Parashat Chukat: The Meaning of Life, Depression and The Red Heifer

Depression is one of the worst conditions a human being may suffer. There are several reasons for the occurrence of depression. One that is very...

The Kotzker Rebbe: Brief But Deep

I would not want to worship a G-d whose ways are understood by the mind of mere mortals.

Yonah – Getting The Message

Rashi makes a critical observation: When Yonah was thrown overboard the pasuk says he was swallowed by a male fish. Yet when he davened to Hashem, the pasuk says a female fish spit him out.

Must Women Eat Shalosh Seudos?

I believe that not all agree with the opinion of the Ran and Rabbeinu Tam that the rule of af ha’eim hayu b’osah haneis applies to the obligation to eat three seudos with lechem mishneh.

Whom Did The Barad Kill?

The Brisker Rav suggests that the barad, in fact, only fell on people, animals, and vegetation.

The Buck Stops Here

The first requirement is a king must admit when he is wrong.

Boundless Boundaries

Boundless Boundaries are the point of the imperfect structures we build as our Sukkot. The Sukkah is intended to provide the security we need to soar.

United As One

We cannot achieve true unity in the physical world which is built upon division and fragmentation.

Parshat Hukkat: Moshe and Aharon’s Lack of Emunah

With Moshe at the rock, I wonder whether the Gemara implies Moshe had trouble believing words alone could do the trick.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Vayakel-Pekudei: Found in Translation

God employs several translators; some pieces are translated by age, some by sickness, some by war, some by justice. -John Donne

G-d’s Anger Never Lasts

Just as Noach established and created a certain merit for himself when being saved, so too Bnei Yisrael need to do the same in order to be redeemed.

Redeeming Relevance: Moshe’s Sober Consolation

And so Moshe’s ultimate message here, according to Netziv, may be that even if the curses are fulfilled, that is no reason to abandon God.


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