Photo Credit: IDF soldiers
Good Chodesh, November 14, 2023.

Protected from potential terrorist snipers in a makeshift prayer space surrounded by IDF bulldozers, these soldiers carried out the first Rosh Chodesh prayer in the liberated Gaza Strip since Kislev 1, 5755 (November 14, 2004).

Chaim Zacaiha posted four images of IDF soldiers in Rosh Chodesh Kislev prayer, with this note, obviously targeting the Jews who broke up the Yom Kippur service at Dizengoff Circle in what seems to have been hundreds of years ago:


“You went against the religion, disturbed the Jews who wanted to pray, demanded a state for all its citizens? You received prayers on steroids everywhere and pushed the majority of the nation a little further to the right. So, forget about the dream of two states for two peoples and a state for all its illegal infiltrators, because the people of Israel are alive and kicking. A Happy month, with God’s help.”


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