What You Need to Know About the Safety of Online Banking

How safe and efficient is online banking compared to brick and mortar banking services?

Are Your Investment Decisions Rational?

As a financial planner, I often ask new clients why a particular investment is included in their portfolio. One answer that I find somewhat worrying is: “I don’t really know how to explain it, but I just had a gut feeling that this stock was going to be a winner!”

Applying Economic Models to Real Life

In part two of this week's Goldstein on Gelt podcast, Doug interviews Lars Peter Hansen, who won this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics along...

The Easy Guide to SMA

John O’ Connor, president and chief investment officer of 3-D Asset Management.

Goldstein on Gelt: Life Expectancy Alert: Is Outliving Your Money a Justified Fear?

Doug shares three simple steps that you can take this year to stay financially secure. Find out what these steps are on today’s financial podcast

Can We Predict the Financial Future?

On this week’s Goldstein on Gelt Show, we meet Charles Nenner, founder of the Charles Nenner Research Center. Mr. Nenner’s interesting research and predictions...

How to Transform Your Habits and Change Your Life

In our second podcast this week, Doug meets James Clear, entrepreneur and expert on personal habits. How easy is it to change your behavior...

Goldstein on Gelt: Are Millennial Investors the Only Investors with Short Attention Spans?

Offering tools that make tracking expenses and investments easier and insists that people should “know their numbers.”

No More Excuses!

Why is it necessary to be accountable in business and in life? And how does it differ from guilt?

Goldstein on Gelt: Asset Allocation Rules Aren’t Black and White

Can asset allocation be reduced to a formula, or is it more complicated than that.

Goldstein on Gelt: How to Optimize Your Cash Flow

After working hard to save and grow your money, you want to make sure that it is accessible when you need it.

Why Israeli Technology is in the Forefront of Data Analysis

Why do Israeli companies have the edge in creating useful high-tech tools?

The Social Life of Money

How much control do banks and governments have over money and what should their function really be?

Goldstein on Gelt: How to Get Started with Bonds

Owning bonds can help an investor meet their financial goals. Bonds have specific characteristics and are designed for a specific kind of investing. Learn more...

Goldstein on Gelt: A Brief History of Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency could change the way societies manage currencies.

How to Find Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Discussing the mindset of $ and appreciating its value, and how to develop your inner entrepreneur

Goldstein on Gelt: How Do You Determine the Value of a Company?

Learn what the difference between a stock’s price and intrinsic value is. Which number is more important for a potential investor?

Goldstein on Gelt: What Does “The Laffer Curve” Say is the Best Tax Rate?

Governments increase income with taxes; individuals need other ways to generate wealth. Doug discusses how to invest when markets hit rock bottom and investment strategies to achieve long-term goals.

Goldstein on Gelt: Is There Such a Thing as Predictable Investments?

Practical ways to find the ideal retirement budget and still reach your personal goals.

Goldstein on Gelt: Are You Prepared for a Market Crash?

Many investors don’t have the heart to hang onto a stock that was decimated in a market crash. For investors who don’t want to take their chances with the market, Doug has some safer choices.

Should You Be Afraid of Rising Interest Rates?

Doug reviews fundamental points about retirement planning

Goldstein on Gelt: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Cash Flow in Healthy Finances

Explaining cash flow and how to make wiser decisions when it comes to cash flow.

What Do Unemployment Figures Really Mean?

Politicians often quote 'unemployment data,' especially around elections. But what do these figures mean? What does "unemployed" actually mean?

How Discipline and Good Habits Will Make You an Effective Leader

Learn how discipline helps you reach your potential and the role good habits play in being a leader.

Why A U.S. Brokerage Account Is Important for American Olim

Are you a US citizen living in Israel? If so, you may benefit from opening a US brokerage account.


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