Photo Credit: Chadashot Online / Twitter
Bus firebombed in Gush Etzion

On Saturday night, a bus taking high school girls home from the Oriya School, after spending Shabbat in Neve Tzuf were attacked by terrorists throwing firebombs at the bus. This is what they experienced:


Shlomo Ne’eman, Head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council responded to a firebomb attack, targeting a bus carrying a group of high school girls late last night releasing the following statement:

“At around 1am this morning Arab terrorists hurled firebombs at a Gush Etzion Development Corp. bus at the ‘T’ Junction in Eastern Gush Etzion. The bus was taking high school girls from the Oriya School home after they spent Shabbat in Neve Tzuf, in the Shomron. As IDF forces immediately started chasing down the terrorists, psychologists from the Gush Municipality were dispatched to attend to the girls, and their families, after several went into shock as a result of the incident.”

“On one hand we have faith in our security forces to hunt down the terrorists, but on the other hand it’s hard to believe that true justice will be served as our court system does not view these types of incidents as ‘attempted murder.’ We demand that the IDF, government, and even more so our judicial system act strongly against these types of attacks. We will not accept the rock throwing and firebomb attacks on the roads targeting the Jews of Judea and Samaria.”