The organization ‘Americans for a Safe Israel’ (AFSI) launched an internet campaign late Monday to demand the resignation of Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia.

Johnson is “an anti-Israel Congressman and a friend of such groups as Jewish Voices for Peace, and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, compared Jewish Israeli citizens living in Judea and Samaria to “termites” while speaking at an event sponsored by an anti-Israel organization that supports boycotts of Israel,” the group said.


In a petition circulated around the Internet, the group is urging surfers to contact Johnson to demand an apology and his resignation.

The group also urges readers to “express your outrage to the Democratic National Convention and demand they respond.”

Interested readers can contact the DNC by clicking here.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. He's the moron who suggested that if more people were allowed to settle on the island of Guam. the island would surely tip over and sink into the sea. Obviously not one of America's brighter students. Well, one only has to look at
    this monkey in a suit to know where that analytical thought came from.

  2. Termites live in trees. For 2000 years, the non-Jewish squatters in the Land of Israel NEVER PLANTED A TREE other than olive trees for a living. The hilltops were barren; the garbage to this day is simply burned in the open; there's no wood there, so in reference to termites: They don't exist in Judea and Samaria because there is nothing for them to eat.

    As for the inference that Jews simply want to live off the productivity of highly productive Arabs and steal their products, let this guy make even one visit to the area and inquire about what Palestinian products he can purchase.

    Some will say that an African American cannot be a bigot, because as a victim, he's immune. Complete B.S. a huge percentage of minorities were brought up to take revenge on Whitey instead of taking responsibility for their own lives. They represent the Democratic Party.

  3. What an uninformed moron. I have had many encounters with those who complain about bigotry, yet, I have found that these complainers are the most bigoted people I have ever met. I know that Hank Johnson should RESIGN. He doesn't deserve to represent anyone in this country and I hope that his constituency gets rid of him. As for Johnson's personal outlook, I sincerely doubt that he will educate himself as to the truth about Judea and Samaria. Nor will he learn how the Palestinians have been living, and continue to live, a life of hatred and violence. He should learn that they take no action to change their lives. Show him how they destroyed the fertigation hothouses in Gaza when we removed our Jewish settlers. They destroyed a way to have food for themselves, jobs, and a productive life for themselves and their families.

  4. 'This sob should understand that it was Jews who pushed for racial equality for blacks (1963) to their detriment, he should be reminded of the case of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner (August 4th 1964) when these three were murdered by the KKK. The two Jews Goodman and Schwerner were from New York and were participating in Freedom Summer, for black children's care and concern. This Congressman Hank Johnson would do well to remember what the Jews have done for so many in this world and all this piece of trash could come up with is a blanket denegration of Jews by calling them termites. Just like all of the world's "jucas" they are all coming out of the woodwork to deride Jews and Israel – he speaks of himself…!

  5. Alan Kardon Blacks revere Lincoln, who only freed them so he could send them back to Africa and died before he could put his plan into action. They worship one of the most racist presidents in our history, who said blacks could never hope to reach either social or intellectual equal of whites. The Lincoln Papers.

  6. Jewish lawyers are the first to do pro bono work for the underprivileged such as blacks, and are the first that black organizations hold out their hands to for donations. I don't know who is more foolish, the blacks or the American Jews.

  7. The Democrat party voted 100% to keep slavery which was the issue to founded the Republican party. Years later, the former slaves embrace the party that didn't want them freed. Yes, the KKK was formed by Democrats, and now, a black Democrat has denigrated the Jewish people. Racism lives on, no matter how much we fight it. I used the button in the story to send a letter to the DNC. I hope others flood them with complaints.

  8. Alan Kardon I have nothing against pigs Alan. "From a pig you can only expect a grunt…." is a very old English saying. However, you are right – this idiot should not be classed as a pig – pigs are useful (maybe not to us Jews) – he is just an ignorant moron who should never have been made a congressman – one who should classed as a prize a…hole.

  9. Jackie Rozell Because unlike the low life lyong republicans Jews actually support Israel with their time, effort and money. If you think that republicans actually like Israel then why do you suppose all the congress people (except one that got in on a lark and is going to be thrown out after one term,) and all the senators that are Jewish are Democrats? Wacko trump does not give a rats ass about Israel. Hillary is a big supporter and defender of Israel!

  10. Ralph Moran, are you sure your name is Moran and not Moron? You atatement is nothing more than a republican lie and you cannot prove it.
    The only reason republicans say they like Israel is because of their idea of End of Days says all Jews must be in Israel for this to happen. When it does happen, Jews will have to convert or the earth will open and swallow them up and send them straight to hell. Now you know the truth!

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