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Temple Mount Pokemon - who says the Jewish Press ain't trendy?

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Jews Taking Over the Temple Mount with Photoshop

These images came to us by way of Facebook, a few contributions via our trusted submission link, and one or two we did ourselves on our own Photoshop 5.5. Enjoy:

Yael Resnick sent us this remarkably original work:

The pokemon image was our idea. This next one is a bit esoteric, and has no flags. We call it Going Down.

This we took from Shai Alfasi on Facebook:

Returning to the Mountain posted several images on Facebook:


Ronel Adani posted this on Facebook

From Linoy Mizrahi, we’re not entirely sure who’s the green fellow and what is the nature of his engagement with the law:



Finally, from Dov Trachtman, a Zionist crusader:


As always, if you’re looking for a good background for your Photoshop project for Occupy Temple Mount, you can always use this one:



  1. You do realize if an earthquake were to hit the 2Mosques on the Temple Mount as has happened before and destroys both; the 1.4 b Muslim in this World will blame us regardless of concrete proof of an Earthquake. We need to flood the area with CCTV Cameras.

  2. They are all wonderful!! I love them! Some are funny, some very moving and I was especially moved by Yael Resnick's World of Flags covering the mosque. "For My House shall be called a house of Prayer for all people".
    Thank you Everyone. I want more!!

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