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Israeli flags on Temple Mount

“How bored are the Israel police?” Facebook user Haim Brosh was wondering, after a meme he posted, showing a photoshopped image of himself, carrying an Israeli flag in front of the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, with the title of the Zionist song “Carry a flag unto Zion” and a call for the Israeli government to finally raise the flag on the Temple Mount — ended up with his arrest in the middle of the street by police detectives.

The cops could not tell a photoshopped image from the real thing, and warned Brosh to cease and desist his subversive activities, such as, we assume, getting his picture taken with an Israeli flag in front of the Al Aqsa mosque with no one noticing.


Since then, a new genre of memes has evolved in the pro-Israel side of Facebook, which we would like all of us to join, because, hey, it’s hot outside and we don’t feel like watching TV right now. Also, we’re patriotic, imaginative, and we know Photoshop.

This is the original meme by Haim Brosh.

This meme was added by Arnon Segal.

This came from Lizi Hameiri‎.

And Danny Gelman.

Here’s Jameel @ Muqata with his son (they’re wearing T’fillin too)

Then the floodgates were thrown open with this amazing meme (which we already used for the cover image but we love it so much, we figured, what the heck), we believe by Sharon Gabay.

And we went ahead and added the ones below, but before we share them with you, please download this image if you need a foundation background for your memes, and start uploading subversive Jewish Temple Mount images to mess with the fuzz. Send us your mind gifts to

This is a good background image to use.

And this is what we started doing with it…

You recognize Tzipi Hotovely above, right? She said her dream was to raise the flag on the Temple Mount, so, there you go.

Looking forward to your contributions — be funny, if possible, but keep within the limits of a Jewish family newspaper. We hope to run a follow-up story with your best submissions.


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  1. Karen Naoum What OTHERS hold dear? The Temple Mount is what we hold dear, as Jews, above every other place on planet earth. Go lecture someone else about topics on while you are clearly ignorant, because us Jews are sick of taking crap from people like you.
    Arabs play soccer, hold riots and throw molotov cocktails on their "holy site" but we Jews are making war apparently and mocking it by photoshopping pictures of flags. Ridiculous.

  2. How disgusting Karen. How dare you come on here, and insult Jews! You silly Nazis are always accusing Jews of war when no shots are fired, and genocide when they DARE shoot someone that stabbed a 4 year old girl!

    Read the damned story you silly moron. Israeli police arrested a man over a photoshopped image, because, LIKE YOU, they cannot tell fantasy from reality.

  3. I breifly entertained posing up on the roof that naughty little bumpersticker boy that hates Ford Pick-Ups.
    How 'bout
    A pair of Monty Pythonesques fingers pinching the golden pustule..or the blackened silver one across the way. Heck, do both with the heavenly boot from above.

  4. I think as long as you follow G-d and not do illegal things that will put you in jail, GO FOR I am sorry you hate Christians because we are not believers of all you believe in. We both are brought in by our believing in the G-d that created Heaven and earth. We need to just leave it at that for now. G-d Himself will strighten out our differences as time passes. We are created by the same G-d and should not be fighting each other. I pray daily for those that need to have G-d in our lifes and let Him take care of the rest.

  5. Who said anything about hating Christians?? As the saying goes, "Some of my closest dearest friends" are Christians!! Jews & Christians should NOT have restrictions on the Temple Mount! What the photos are including are the Flag of Israel which include Jewish & Christian Israeli citizens.

  6. Marsha Roth You took the words out of my mouth Marsha, We do not hate the Christians, I am an American Jew that love the Christian people most of my friend R Christians, and most Christian in the US support Israel unlike the Democrat Jews that support the anti Semite Muslim in the Oval Office and his corrupt Administration, and not Israel and I loath all these Dem's Jews.

  7. Karen Naoum you're right. after millenia, it's time that we jews stop with pogroms, crusades, holocausts, genocides, suicide bombings, vehicle massacres, random stabbing of civillians, beheadings …. we should learn from the last 2000 years of behavior of the church, the russians, the germans, japan, italy, mao's china, iran, iraq, syria, isis…

    karen, from now on, no more war, only thrice daily prayers for world peace.

    fear not, by the way, religion and war hate you too.

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