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Anti-Semitic DNB card sent in 'error' from Norway's largest bank.

An anti-Semitic caricature has appeared on a VISA debit / credit card issued by Norway’s largest banking institution, DNB.

A cartoon bearded Jewish man with a long hooked nose wearing yarmulka and a blue and white tallit (prayer shawl) is seen chuckling with hands held to his cheeks in mirth. The caricature is set against a background of golden coins gleaming like treasure on the entire rest of the card.


The message is very clear: Jews control money.

An Australian citizen living in Norway who ordered the card claims that when he received it, he was surprised to find that the design he ordered was not what he received.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Israeli Embassy in Oslo, which immediately contacted the management of the bank.

The bank promptly apologized to Israel’s Ambassador to Norway, but also explained in a letter to the Hallelu Israel Foundation (seen on the nonprofit organization’s Facebook page) that the bank allows clients to order personally designed cards.

The vice president of the bank wrote that he was surprised when the embassy told him the client received the offensive design without personally requesting it.

Cllose examination of a different photo of the card that was seen on the Internet reveals in the lower left corner the words “YOUR NAME” which may indicate this is a design sample available for ordering, possibly through VISA although that is not clear.

The bank official asked forgiveness from anyone who was offended and said the bank would issue an explanation and apology notice.

After the incident was publicized, the bank announced the offensive card would be canceled and a new one issued to its owner.

In the letter the bank said it has a mechanism to filter out “offensive images.” Somehow, the anti-Semitic caricature slipped past. The bank explained it issues a few million cards each year, said it was an isolated incident and that the offensive image was deleted from the database.

The bank added that it has strict guidelines about which images can be uploaded to that database, but the uploading and supervision are manual operations.

Unfortunately, personal supervision failed in this case and the card should not have been printed under any circumstance, the bank said.

Only some 1,500 Jews currently live in Norway. Kosher slaughter (shechita) is outlawed, so kosher meat must be imported for the families living there, at great expense due to high taxes. Circumcision is frowned upon, although Jews ignore the social atmosphere, obviously, and continue to bring their sons into the Covenant on the eighth day, as did our ancestors.

Overt anti-Semitism is rare, but as Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Shaul Wilhelm told Israel Hayom in October 2014: “There was a report here about a possible Al Qaida attack. Within a day people were demonstrating outside a mosque where a group of Bosnians were praying. They had nothing to do with anything.

“It reminded me of something that a Jew here once told me. His grandfather had survived the Holocaust, and he told him, ‘When they need to find us, they will find us within a day.'”


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. Why does this sort of thing even happen ?,,, but i think deep inside i know the answer ,,, those with evil in their hearts never cease to denigrate, defile and persecute Jews even to the point of death ,,, I am a gentile and i can promise that those who conspire against the Jews will be dealt with and fall into their own trap at the hand of the LORD ,,, the G_D of Israel does not slumber and sees all that men do..

  2. This disgusts me. Why did the bank re-issue the customer with a new card, why didn’t that ‘customer’ get his account canceled and told to bank somewhere else. Have cards been issued with the KKK logo or anything else similar on it. I find the whole thing leaving a bad taste.
    1500 Jews in Norway !
    I wouldn’t be one of them

  3. That is seriously fvcked up. Norwegians can be such pricks. I should know, I am one. You’d never see that in Denmark or Sweden.

    In WWII, Denmark sent almost all of its Jews to Sweden. In Finland, Jews were left alone and allowed to serve in the army against both the Russians and the Germans. The Norwegians handed their Jews over to Hitler.

  4. 1. no it's not a sampel you can choose, you can upload any picture to DNB as long as it's not copyrighted.
    This somehow slipped trough DNB screening prosess

    2. Its probably made by a Muslim troll, and you played into his hands by making it a big deal, good job

    3. This is light compared to the jokes comedians have about jews see: any jewish comedian or Southpark

  5. The card was not issued with that image. hebank allows people to upload their own images, and one customer uploadedthis one. In fairness, as I undertand it as soon as the bank was notified, it invalidated that customer’ card and informed him to find a different image. The bank also wrote an apology to those who brought it totheir attention. This type of iimageryis not bank policy.

  6. The roman catholic church in the middle ages forbade Jews from just about all professions except moneylending which they knew would reflec negatively on Jews. Moneylenders were hated. So the gentiles looked on Jews as usurious and greedy. And they still do. The church knew what they were doing. They are chiefly responsible the continued anti-Semitism. And now the muslims are joining in.

  7. You’re right Ruth. Sorry about that.
    It’s interesting how he said it was a mistake, and the bank said it was a mistake. No one wants to take responsibility. I believe in freedom of expression, speech, and what not. Even if it’s offensive, but owe up to it.

  8. Norway, having a mainly Arab population, does not seenm to realise, that Arabs ont usually have turned-up noses, and nordic hair. There are many many more Arab billionairs than Jews. Israel is a true democracy! No chopping off heads in streets….not acceptable

  9. Catholics in America only number about 64 million they are not Christians of which there are about 170 million why the atheist’s out number the Catholics they have 69 million Catholics are a very small religious group based on ceasers they pray to idols other gods like instead of Zeus they pray to saint Michael they ask a man for forgiveness they worship idols rub beads burn candles they have prelists that believe they are Jesus nuns who are the brides of Jesus they pay to get the holy spirit 50 dollars a week for 3 years they have a leader they bow and kiss his ring and he tells them what to do they allow the rape of children. The pope holds no holy water in America the atheists out number the Catholics in America…they pray hail Mary full of grace we Christians pray our father who art in heaven ..the popes a pedophiling joke in America we fled him about 300 years ago for religious freedom we do not care that the Catholics choose to be Catholics but us Christians do care that they try to imply that they are in any way a Christian they are not they are idol worshipping burning candles bead rubbers who pray to other gods and seek the forgiveness of a man

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