Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90
Destroyed gravestones on the Mount of Olives. Sept. 2, 2015.

Arab vandals have again desecrated graves in the ancient cemetery at the Mount of Olives, smashing and burning tombstones, bushes and trees.

This time among the targets  they included the gravestone on the Pharisees plot in which Nathan Mileikowsky, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s grandfather, lies at rest.


At least ten tomb stones were smashed in the cemetery, which dates back thousands of years. The vandals also set fire to the trees and bushes around the 120-dunam site, known to be final resting place of numerous ancient Talmudic Sages.

Firefighters were called to the scene when the flames were spotted at around 11:30 pm.

Israel Police have claimed it is impossible to completely protect the ancient cemetery from Arab hatred due to its sprawling size. Nevertheless, the number of city police and Border Guard Police units have been increased in an attempt to secure the area, which regularly comes under attack by Arab terrorists.

Police reportedly plan to install 160 security cameras around the area over the next four years as well, according to Jerusalem District Police deputy commander Brig.-Gen. Avshalom Peled who was quoted by the Hebrew-language Ynet site. The commander was forced to respond to criticism from the Knesset Interior Committee last month when lawmakers asked why attacks were not being dealt with after police were given funding and tools to address the issue.

Grieving visitors to the cemetery have been pelted for years by rocks, bottles, firebombs and sometimes even ignited fireworks while on their way to pay their respects to loved ones. made several attempts to reach the Israel Police spokesperson, who could not be reached for comment.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. for years, there's been vandalism on Mt of Olives. When it's taken seriously, there will be actual security including real fences, patrols, and cameras.

    As is, its open-access invites vandalism – both intertribal and just plain mischievous

  2. Why is this tolerated? Arrests need to be made immediately, and guards put up there, and gates. What is this about? If you know there s a criminal element up there, take measures, civil and law enforcement. Heavy fines would also help. The offenders should be made to restore the place to more than it was before their vile atrocity.

  3. This episode was quickly pulled from history channel collaborators series After much muslim protest by(cair of muslim brotherhood)
    No to land for Peace
    With This void the new reich
    “palestinians” and Jordans claims on Israel
    hitlers world legacy following
    Share when commenting everywhere
    “palestine” gaza or “west bank” hamas fatah cair muslim brotherhood bds is mentioned
    be well
    abbas is a shia persian name leading fatah
    hamas is sunni arabia lead by meshaal

    humanshields were a myth the children and citizens were and are willing combatants summer training camps arent new nor is their news papers,school books and childrens programs
    Schools,unrwa,hospitals and other public works are occupied by terrorist supporters
    Bring down nation of islam
    Bring down doha emir tamim gcc
    Send mufti to Jordan
    Level dome of the rock mosque of chains al aqsa
    Daesh calls for jihadis to liberate “palestine”
    starve islam

    “”These are the things that you shall do speak out the Truth to one another judge with Truth and judgment to Peace in your gates””

    Join together for right
    Dont be with afraid of them
    Strength of Truth was given
    into your hands
    Plant this Seed
    Help the world to see
    end modern islamist nazism

  4. Nothing is impossible. The savages know that if they're caught they'll get a slap on the wrist. And they know from the police announcement that "it's impossible to…protect the cemetery".
    So they have nothing to fear. If the police caught and severly beat them, the savages would be less likely to do what they do.

  5. Blake Kirby Where have you been for the past 9 years? Israel evicted 8,000 Jew's from Gaza, nine years ago. There are NO JEW'S in Gaza. Your arab friends take the building materials and use them to make tunnels to enter Israel and murder Jew's. They take the fuel and use it to fire rockets over the border. In 1912, Pancho villa, invaded New Mexico. He attacked three American cities. Hemurdered robbed and raped, Americans. President Wilson, sent General "Black Jack" Pershing, across the border and wiped out Villa's gang. It is anti-semitic to deny Jew's the same rights in defending its soil.
    The people of Gaza are NOT occupied. Hamas, a terrorist organization rules Gaza. In America, one cannot build without a permit. There are 100,000 illegally built Arab homes and they must all be demolished.

  6. Yaakov Zelig You dont get it do you. Occupation, a blockade, and concentration. Israel has turned Gaza strip into the biggest prison in the world. Now let me ask you Yaakov, who else lives under occupation, blockade, and concentration? Prisoners. You know who else builds tunnels prisoners.

    And your pancho villa story is nil. America never occupied Mexico or had a global blockade on them. come back with a relevant comparison. If im correct there was actually Palestine in 1912, and there was no Israel. Dont the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves. You can try to twist the story all you want, but the truth is out there and the world sees it.

  7. Blake Kirby the truth? you want the truth? The only occupiers here are the Arabs. This land was given to the Jewish people for eternity by the Creator of the world. You have a problem with this, I suggest you talk to G-d. Or perhaps you do not believe in G-d? or do not believe the the Bible? Palestine is a phony name, given by the Romans in honor of their emperor, but at one time, everyone who lived here were called palestinians EVEN THE JEWS. I suggest you read your history. And unless you are living here under the daily assault of these arab terrorists who are occupying our land, I suggest you have little to say.

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