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A cartoon showing a generalized form of President Obama hugging a generalized cartoon of a religious Jewish man with dollar bills as explosions erupt in front of them was posted on Twitter by the far-left United Left party, inviting its followers to come to a protest rally in front of the American Embassy in Madrid on Sunday.

Obama was scheduled to arrive in Seville on Saturday night and on Sunday visit an American military base in southern Spain. On Monday he is having lunch in Madrid with King Felipe VI and leading Spanish politicians. However, because of the Dallas shooting, the president will arrive in Spain only on Monday, directly for that lunch with the king.


The Israeli Embassy on Friday condemned the poster, stating, “Nothing can justify the usage of anti-Jewish caricatures, and silence shouldn’t be maintained in the face of this flagrant expression of anti-Semitism.”

United Left said the rally on Sunday will protest both American and Israeli policies, and that it opposes the president’s visit because the US promotes “neocolonialist international relations” of war, destabilization and interference.

This is Obama’s very first visit to Spain as president, at a time when this country is facing political instability following an election last month that didn’t give any party a conclusive victory.



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  1. Years ago, when Francisco Franco was the "right-wing" dictator of Spain, accusations against Jews taken from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were commonplace in the Spanish media and even official statements over the nearly 40 year period of Franco's rule. Today, the so-called "left" in Spain broadcasts the same lies and false accusations against Jews that Franco did in the old days. Franco was pro-Arab and the Arab League was pro-Franco. Not much has changed since Franco died in 1975. La Derecha y la Izquierda, la misma cosa.
    2 seconds ago

  2. When Jews control the money supply and economies around the world, they have to be willing to take responsibility for the direction the world goes. Last time I checked, money drives almost everything in this world. Those without money are not the ones driving the world into any direction. Those with the money are. It is what it is. If Jews want positive attention, do good things with that money. Swindling politicians, and using that money (which is gained through tenacious nepotism) to keep the masses down, while enriching themselves further is precisly the reason why antisemitsm rises time after time throughout history. It's one ideology against another at the end of the day.

  3. Spain's offer of to Jews to become citizens is al smoke and mirrors. The hassle for Jews to prove their ancestors lived in Spain is a bureaucratic hassle. Let the Spanish go to hell.
    Their country's development stopped when they expelled all the Jews and instad of Jew they are getting Muslims. I hope they enjoy them.

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