Photo Credit: Hatzalah Yo"sh
Terrorists opened fire on a vehicle near Tekoa - July 9, 2016

One person was injured in a shooting attack at the T-Junction near Tekoa in Gush Etzion at around 11 PM on Saturday night. Terrorists hit the car with multiple bullets.

The T-Junction is the road that connect Eastern Gush Etzion (Tekoa, Nokdim, Maaleh Amos) to Efrat.


MDA treated the 30-year-old driver with a bullet wound in his lower body.

The wounded Israeli was transported to Sharei Tzedek hospital where he is listed in light to moderate condition.

The IDF is scouring nearby villages to locate the terrorist’s escape vehicle and the terrorists.

There is fighting going on in the village of Sair, after the IDF went in, in pursuit of the terrorists.


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  1. obviously this is a planned ambush: shoot at an israeli car
    Idf starts seaching ad soon a unit comes to the right village then open fire on the IDF unit. I leave it to Tsahal to decide how to react, ad I will support any decision and action IDF
    knows best.

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