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Haled Abu Mokh (R.) receiving stitches, with the childhood picture that got him in trouble. / Facebook

Haled Abu Mokh, an Israeli Muslim Arab, was attacked by other Arabs last week for posting a profile picture with Israel’s flag on Facebook. Haled, who works in a Jerusalem hotel, was caught by a fellow Arab worker surfing to his Facebook page, and the other man started cursing him out and threatening him. By the end of that day’s shift, that same worker followed Haled on the street and threw a stone on his head. Haled dropped to the ground and was later evacuated to hospital, where he received several stitches. He’s still suffering from dizziness.

Haled was a guest on Israel’s Channel 20 TV, where he told the host, Rinat Spivak, that he is used to these reactions: “These responses, it’s normal, wherever there are such extremist Arabs, but they won’t break me.”


“Why should I be afraid,” he answered the host’s next question. “We shouldn’t be afraid of them, they should fear me, not me of them. I walk the true path. This is the truth. I was born here, I opened my eyes here and saw the national flag. There was no Palestinian flag where I was born. The Star of David, that’s me, that’s how my mother raised me.”

Haled also made clear that “no one will shut me up! This only strengthened my resolve to love this wonderful country, and I’m not alone. There are other Arabs in this country who aren’t ready to live in fear. It’s a pity that there are some people who don’t understand what democracy is, and they live in a violent and barbaric reality. What kind of future are they going to have?”


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  1. I always believed that there are arabs like him. I hope this incedent will be a 'call to ams' for all those wonderful moderate arabs who not only undrstand on what side their bread is buttered, but are loyal to and who love Israel. They know that Israel, THEIR country, the only democracy and country in the middle-east,who wants peace and guarantees that the live the fine lives that this affords them. The normal ones know that Israel is the only country in the middle-east that a) guarantees them the freedom to persue their dreams b) who wants them and is happy to have non-Jews who are prepared to accept the rule of law.

  2. You've nailed it. People DO NOT need govt programs to promote them. They need to actively contribute their ideas and/or effort. If there are injustices they can and should turn to the law – as one would do in any democracy. The idea of 'needing government to promote' or give handouts is an old Democratic patrician, condecending, inneffective approach to social justice. It has been proven (sometimes only in the long run) to have done little nothing to get 'the poor' out of poverty. The (real) poverty statistics in the US show that the poverty levels have only risen or stayed the same.)

  3. "Esau will always be angry", Edom cannot stop being cursed with anger, over all this time, its a sad part that only very few manage to break free off. Anger is a curse for those who feed and nurse it. True Isrealies know how to let go of Anger, Arab, Jew or other. G-D bless Israel!

  4. Svietka Rivilis That's true. Israel has always understood to be kind and tolerant to the ger who lives in your Land. Israel does, largely, live this. It is good that this good and honest man has the courage of his convictions. כל הכבוד

  5. And who the hell are you to say? Who are you to say what his religion is or isn't? He is equal under the law and he knows that minorities in Israel share the same rights. He can worship as he chooses, that is his personal business. He's an Arab and he is a proud citizen of his country. You trolling Christians who spout your deceitful crap trying to sow dissent where there is none sicken me.

    Know what? YOU are as bad as the man who stalked, abused and attacked Haled.

    You are not welcome here. Unless you change your narrow minded ways.

  6. Hi Haled,
    You are the description of a just man. I hope you recover completely very soon. I suggest that you go to the administration of the hotel you work for and report that co-worker who doesn't have gratitude to make his living in an israeli hotel. Maybe he should chose a hotel in Gaza!

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