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British police arrested a Jewish customer of the deli after he confronted PA flag wavers, one of whom shouted, "Jews aren’t safe – we’re coming to get you."

“To my mind, the video released by ISIS showing the beheading of Foley was a clear statement of war, not with the Christians, Yazidis or Kurds in Iraq and Syria, but with America and Europe….

“I blithely dismiss the personal threat of anti-Semitism, and yet… and yet. There is always that nagging doubt.”


So I she moving to Israel?

Guess how she ended her article.

“’Maybe we should move to Israel’, I muttered sister], and we changed the subject.”

At least she woke up for a minute or two before going back into denial.



  1. Is it too much to ask, as Jews around the world Stand with Israel, that Israel return the favor and stand with the Jews of France, England, Canada, etc.? Guess so. Israel should clean it’s own house, before declaring that Jews elsewhere must assist the anti-Semites in making their countries free of Jews. Jews on the Temple Mount get arrested while Muslims are free to wave the flags of Hamas and ISIS.

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