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Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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While the U.S. government complains about a proposed Israeli law that will force non-governmental organizations operating in Israel to reveal whether they’re actually operated by foreign governments, it turns out that the U.S. government itself planned to use NGOs in Israel to manipulate Israeli policy. How? By sparking demonstrations among Palestinians, the Washington Free Beacon reported.


Several high-level advisors to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sketched the plan in emails, and Clinton directed that the emails be printed, apparently so she could study them carefully.

In an email, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering proposed to Clinton exactly who should be involved in the demonstrations, and the specific venues and buildings at which demonstrations should be conducted.  He even names at least one NGO to steer the protests he wanted to create: — “The Peace Now organization (Shalom Akshav)” – which Pickering suggests “despite its decline.”

The goal of the Pickering proposed demonstrations was to force Israel back to the negotiating table with the Palestinian Arab leadership.

Strikingly, given recent U.S. attacks on Israel’s proposed law mandating transparency among NGOs, the State Department advisers cautioned Clinton that their campaign would have to be secret.  “The United States, in my view, cannot be seen to have stimulated, encouraged or be the power behind” the plan to encourage such demonstrations. To achieve the desired result without being outed, Pickering suggested that “third parties and a number of NGOs” be drafted to be the public face on the plan.

Pickering was awarded an honorary degree by Brandeis University in 2014 for “elevat[ing] diplomacy to a high art.” Indeed.

The State Department emails describing the Pickering plan have something to offend everyone. Pickering urged Clinton to include only Palestinian women, and not men, in the planned demonstrations because the men would not remain peaceful.  “On the Palestinian side, the male culture is to use force.”  Indeed, Pickering explained to Clinton, for Palestinians “male culture comes close to requiring” violence.

The spirit of Pickering’s proposal was echoed by Anne-Marie Slaughter, who, in another email, proposed that the State Department find a group of millionaires/billionaires who would promise to contribute billions of dollars in a “Pledge for Palestine.”  Slaughter was confident that “even 30 calls to the right people in the Clinton fundraising network” would quickly generate the desired cash. Slaughter appeared to delight at the prospect of having Israelis be shamed for building homes “in the face of a Pledge for Peace.” The email went to Clinton as well as Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and others. Clinton responded to Slaughter’s proposal, writing: “I am very interested – pls flesh out. Thx.”  Slaughter served as Clinton’s Director of Policy Planning.

Apparently the actual uses of the funds were unimportant, because Slaughter’s email did not say anything about what the money should be spent on. Perhaps tunnels in Gaza.

UPDATE: The link to the email between Clinton aide Slaughter and Clinton was dropped in the posting of this article. It is now embedded in the text.


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  1. Hillary has been corrupt ever since her being fired during Watergate her shady white water dealings Benghazi debacle email misuse the list probably goes on in finitum just pray American voters see her for what she is bride of slick willy

  2. The article just says someone presented her the plan not that she ever did anything to make it happens. Then the article says maybe the money would be used for Gaza tunnels with no actual link to any plan. How can you hold proposals someone else made that she never acted on against Clinton? Is it really wrong for the Secretary of State to read what people send her?

  3. Nothing in the article supports the idea that she was very interested in anything. The whole article is about what Pickering and Slaughter told her. People who don’t like Clinton should concentrate on the real reasons not just make up headlines that have no support in the actual article.

  4. I notice a large turn out(off) Republican Jews applauding many of the republican candidates. Those Jews seem to have forgotten their parents loyalty to FDR Democrats, who gave us Social Security and LBJ Medicare. This happens when they get rich! However, many Jews are not rich… and Just voting for Sanders becuse he is Jewish is not my cup of tea!

  5. I joined the Green party because I thought they would stand up to Israel. I like Jill Stein of the Green party of America a jew who would stand up to Isrrael. But Hillary can win this election, so she's got my support. I was almost ready to go for Sanders over social issues but I think hillary will do better for America over Israel than sanders. Why is Israel such a bid deal to me? I dont like Baby killers. Mass murders, War criminals . crimes againt humanity and I dont like AIPAC values. I want America for the people by the people. not some Zionist boot lickers.

  6. Whoa!
    Hillary is a listener and a placator. She may have been hearing out the logistical rhetoric and seeing how far this line of thinking was going. Being head of the State Department , she was leader of a renowned group of anti-Semites.
    Check the facts… Did she implement any of of these cockamamy ideas? I'll bet she didn't !

  7. Hillary Clinton is an evil witch
    I hope the US Jews will wake up to who she really is. Does she not know abouth the offers made by PM Barak and PM Olmert, to arch terrorist, Arafat, (I hope he is rotting in hell with Hitler)
    08% 0f the westbank, and east Jerusalem as the pA capitol?

    Bibi has offered the arch terrorist Abbas so much, even cancelled building for 9 months, in order to get that fat man, Abbas, who is now a multi millionaire from the money he has stolen from the funds sent to help the People
    Abbas refused to sit and talk peace.

    From what is happening in USA and Europe, it seems as though Islam is supported by the very Christians who are being slaughtered by the Muslims,

    Islam is on the way to taking over the world and converting Christians and Jews to their way, or die by the sword.

    When one looks at the witch, you can sympathize with Bill, for his looking for sexual relief.

    Maybe the witch should read the bible and see what will happen to her when she does,.

  8. I wonder, was democratic strategist Stanley Greenberg behind the 2011 massive social protests…
    per direction of then Secretary of State, Hillary ? Motivation and the demands were unclear but with leftist undertones… and definitely targeting the Prime Minister's policies

  9. 72% of the Jewish electorate voted not once, but twice for the most anti semitic President in US history, and now these monied Jews are flocking to Hillary's campaign. I wonder if the Holocaust didn't teach any lessons to these American Jews? The Jews seem hell bent on repeating the attrocities of the Nazis by instituting them on themselves, with no one else to blame.

  10. Why is this believable? Where is the source of this info? Anyway this is NOT Hilary speaking or writing at all so it's once more implying innuendo guilt by association. Why not condemn Pickering and Slaughter by the way for instigating this manipulation and online?!

  11. If, this story ever goes mainstream in the media, watch Ms. Hillary trop out her "Jewish " roots and her "love" of Israel…
    right…sure thing… She is as phoney as a $ 4.00 bill…No one who supports Israel should consider voting for the Democrat…

  12. you cant trust a clinton when it comes to the security of israel.we havent heard any pro israel words from clinton only negative words. please you liberal jews when it comes time to vote for president remember this clinton is no friend of israel..

  13. Count me as a Hillary voter! Moron ? men always call women morons.. Or liers, especially men who are not the brightest light in the chandelier ..writing in a demeaning way about people you dont know (though against Jewish Halacha) makes weak men feel better about themselves…

  14. In fact, maybe Hilary should be complimented for not implementing this stupid plan. Imagine if someone would have consulting Chris Christie before his people created the GWB traffic jam. It’s outlandish to criticize her for reading but not implementing this. Find something real to criticize her for–there’s plenty!

  15. Ruth Feldman What??? Do you really think that the Democrats don’t care if there’s a holocaust? Can you really be serious? That’s blood libel in my view. Think about what that means to say something like that. As much as I disagree with the Republican party, I would never accuse them of wanting a holocaust anywhere. I am a liberal and I care about people other than Muslims, like, for example, Christians all over the Middle East who are under attack.

  16. What scares me about this story and the foul moth dumb people Jewish or not who only HATE, and somehow a lady who has spent a lifetime in public service(Yes, she has made a buck in doing so… but that is not a crime) but it is sad to see so many ignorant people who can only find bad in people and think they are better then all the people who disagree with them. I don’t mind people who disagree with me… just don’t like people who do not know what the hell they are talking about. WAKE UP HATERS, LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SEE WHO THE ENEMY REALLY IS!


  18. So Hillary Clinton thinks "Israel should be shamed into building homes for the palestinians?" – I share the sentiment with the writer of this article Lori Marcus that the palestinians need further funding for tunnels in Gaza – After the last conflict with Israel and Gaza, there was collected for the "poor palestinians" over $5bn – this money was used for everything other than building new homes and probably found its way to the pockets of hamas and its wormery.. Whoever still feels a rachmunus for the palestinians must have a screw loose..or have a major desire to start another war.

  19. So, is the U.S. behind the current increase in attacks by the muslims of the PLO? That wouldn't surprise me at all. The State Dept has always been against Israel from the 1948 UN vote. Condi Rice instructed the CIA to compile secret files on Israeli principles to try to find something they could use against Israel in negotiations.

  20. please read prior to defending the democrats by knee jerk reaction:

    "The email went to Clinton as well as Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and others. Clinton responded to Slaughter’s proposal, writing: “I am very interested – pls flesh out. Thx.” Slaughter served as Clinton’s Director of Policy Planning."

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