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Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with US Senator Lindsey Graham in Jerusalem.

The gremlins certainly came tumbling out Monday in response to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech at AIPAC, and in anticipation of his speech to Congress on Tuesday.

Former Israeli diplomat Alon Pinkas was interviewed at length in Jerusalem and had plenty to say about the prime minister’s presence in the U.S.


Even the CNN correspondent conducting the live interview on air observed, “pretty harsh criticism coming from the former Israeli diplomat.”

The leftist diplomat served from 2000 to 2004 as Israel’s Consul General in New York City and as a political adviser to former prime minister and president Shimon Peres. He was also retained by the the far-left American Jewish organization, “J Street” as a speaker on tour in the United States in 2011.

“Despite his denial, his ‘holier than thou’ attitude, he is injecting Israel” into the partisan debate in the United States, Pinkas charged in Monday’s interview with CNN from Jerusalem.

Claiming that Netanyahu had “six years” to make his point on the Iranian nuclear threat, Pinkas said the prime minster “failed miserably” to get the job done. Now, he said, “he is injecting Israel into the American political arena… He loves doing that.”

Pinkas did say that he “genuinely believes” Netanyahu is deeply concerned about Israel’s survival in the face of Iran’s threat to annihilate the Jewish State. Among other criticisms, the former diplomat said he doubts the prime minister’s effectiveness.

“One of the problems with his approach to Iran is that he says what won’t work and why not, but he never came out with what will work,” Pinkas went on.

“He did not deliver his thoughts in a coherent manner to the president.”

Moreover, he said, Netanyahu could have made his points “at any time.” Why now? he asked.

“The timing is just wrong,” he said, adding that he believes the prime minister was looking to boost his ratings at home.

“The weird timing and concoction of this invitation has to do with elections…he could have made that speech any time…I think Mr. Netanyahu is aligning himself with the Republican party, that he is doing his buddy buddies a big favor ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.”

But Prime Minister Netanyahu said clearly in his speech to AIPAC that he regretted any misunderstanding about the intentions behind his desire to address the Congress. Netanyahu said he has “a moral obligation” to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon – and this speech is part of that effort.

Pinkas responded flatly, “It’s a grave mistake to turn Israel into a partisan issue.”

Netanyahu said it was not his intention for Israel to become a partisan issue.

Pinkas told CNN he does not believe that.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. Quite the contrary. America constantly sticks their nose into Israel’s business. We as Israelis don’t have the time, or inclination to freeload our business on America, unless it’s concerning our very survival.
    Yori, Miriam’s husband says…

  2. The majority of Americans support Israel and Netanyahu. We see what is happening with Obama. He has been interfering with Israeli elections, insulting our ally and befriending our enemies, which are Israel’s enemies as well. I pray for safety for Mr. Netanyahu during his visit…and for the peace of Jerusalem.

  3. This about a man who was defeated in 1999 by interference from the Clinton WH. Remember how "that" worked out? And the current occupant of the WH is currently making a massive effort to oust Bibi now. He wants the same people in power in Israel that led to the 2000 Intefada!

  4. Former Consul Alon Pinkas charges Prime Minister Netanyahu is "injecting Israel into the American political arena – he loves doing that.

    1. Recognizes Iran's the “right to enrich” , thus enables the world's most dangerous terrorist state to become a nuclear threshold power. Establishes a timetable with a “sunset clause”, after which Iran will be permitted legally to go ahead at whatever pace that it chooses for its nuclear development programs.

    2. Ignores all of Iran's ancillary programs such as fuse developments, warhead developments, guidance developments, propulsion developments, etc. Ignores Iran's nuclear cooperation with North Korea (testing, components, etc.) and with Syria (facilities development)..

    3. Ignores the current agreements for Iran to purchase very advanced air defense systems from Russia. These air defense systems will make Iran's nuclear production facilities and nuclear forces nearly invulnerable to attack. { As been noted in previous intelligence summaries —the objective of Iran is not a single weapon–it is a force of multiple weapons, protected by a basically impenetrable air defense envelope.}

    4. Relinquishes the ability to have in place in order to to immediately institute sanctions or other punishments should and when Iran is caught cheating.{Which according to the IAEC and several US and foreign intelligence sources is probably doing right now… since reconnaissance evidence exists and Iran will not allow on the ground inspections of these suspicious sites.]

    5. grants Iran it's sphere of influence over Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and allowing its funding and arms supply to Hezbollah and Hamas.


  5. Considering the number of Jewish members of Congress, compared to the Jewish percentage of population in the U.S., how can anyone say that Israel is not already a part of our political process? It has long been that way.

    The destinies of both countries are inextricably intertwined, because our national and cultural perspectives plus our legal systems are remarkably similar in both outlook and practice.

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