Photo Credit: DXR / Wikimedia
Seat of the European Central Bank, and Frankfurt skyline at dawn, seen from the west. April 22, 2015

German police are organizing one of the largest evacuations to be carried out since World War II, after an unexploded bomb from the war was discovered near Goethe University in Frankfurt.

The bomb was a 1.4 ton British HC 4000 – also known as a “blockbuster” – used during the war to wipe out entire streets, according to the BBC. It was found this week on Wismarer Strasse, about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) north of the city’s main shopping center.


Goethe University, nearby hospitals and the European Central Bank will also be evacuated in addition to some 70,000 residents who will be asked to leave their homes on Sunday.

Bomb disposal experts said the evacuation could wait until the weekend, adding there was no immediate danger. Frankfurt police said they are still working out the details of the evacuation plan.