Photo Credit: Inspire (ISIS)
ISIS terrorist carries the group's black flag.

A terrorist carrying an ISIS flag beheaded at least one person and wounded several others in a savage attack on the offices of the French Air Products gas company southeast of Lyon Friday morning.

Police have captured the terrorist and possibly an accomplice, but not before they set off explosions with gas canisters. They were disguised as delivery men.


It was the first major attack in France since the murders of Jews at a kosher supermarket and the deadly attack on the offices of the Charles Hebdo magazine in January.

A woman called Sylvie who works opposite the factory told IBTimes:

Our company is just in front of Air Products and the explosion made our entire building vibrate.

There was no damage, but everything moved. I was on my chair on the phone with a clients when it happened.



  1. Today, Europe wants ONLY a half of Jerusalem for the Sunni Palestinians, the BROTHERS of the Sunnis from the Islamic State…

    But if the 'militants' with the Black Flag come into the Old City, it is difficult to believe that millions people will be able to visit the Christian Holy Sites.

    And what will happen then?
    Hallelujah! Hallelujaaah…!

  2. Admitedly ISIS, Al Quaida, Jabat al-Nusrah, the Jihadists, etc., etc., etc. are the extremists of Islam. But even the most moderate Moslem, if he is a true believer in the Quran and that Sharia should be implemented everywhere is evil. How long will it take and how many beheadings, rapes and tortures of the worst types imaginable will have to be endured before we realize that Islam as a whole is evil. There should indeed be a "holy war" but it should be that civilization should attempt to eradicate Islam from the face of the Earth or at the very minimum isolate them somehow before it is too late.

  3. I was in the old city jerusalem for a month this past passover , the black flag of isis was flying just down the street from the jewish entrance to wailing wall , I saw the isis flag and alerted israel military , when I went back it was taken down , but it hung there for a while before anyone noticed

  4. The Muslim who did this act, is a good Muslim! "Don't make friends of Jews or Christians","Kill them, crucify them, cut their body parts off and throw them out of the land"(The Koran: Sura Chapetr 5, Verse 33) Need more be said??????????????????

  5. What will it take for the world to see that this is an invasive malignant tumor that needs to be eradicated before it metastasizes and destroy all freedom and lives and turn it into the cruelest totalitarian leadership. Let's unite against Evil now!

  6. Larrisa – if you choose to support an ideology that sees women as half a man's worth, and glorifies death and destruction, then carry on with your wrong headed thinking and get your burkah out. As for us who have 'joined the dots' we can see when criminal hate crimes have been committed without making excuses for them. Israel is the only Country so far with the guts to stand up to these murderers. Stop slandering the Israelis. It won't help you.

  7. So France wants Israel to negotiate with terrorists over sovereignty on territory within rifle range of Israel's capital . . .

    Does this mean that France is similarly prepared to negotiate with ISIS over sovereignty of France? Because it would seem from the French governments own actions in the UN that terrorist attacks like this should entitle ISIS to a piece of Paris.

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