Photo Credit: Marc Israel Sellem/Flash90
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The intensified war against the Islamic State (ISIS) has propelled Israel into the West’s best friend.

Russian president Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Israel and Moscow are exchanging intelligence information and that “relations between our countries are at high level.”


He added:

We will continue to maintain contacts with the Israeli leadership to establish a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East, to share information on the anti-terrorism track.

In September, we held intense and very fruitful talks together with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We agreed to deepen our cooperation in the spheres of industry, high-tech and agriculture.

The reported here earlier this week that Israel, and not France as originally thought, provided Germany with precise intelligence information that foiled planned massive terrorist attacks at a soccer game, where Chancellor Angela Merkel was attending, and at a train station.

The massacres in Paris have sent European governments into a panic, and no one even thinks of BDS when it comes to seeking out Israeli intelligence, which is clued in more than Western countries that have pretended that the Muslim invasion of the continent has not included a large number of  terrorist cells..

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot visited Brussels this week for secret meetings with Belgian security officials, Maariv reported Friday.

He also met with senior American military officials.




  1. sure, they love us now. they need us. who else better to fight terrorism that a country who has been doing it for all the decades of its existence? will they also continue to say how israel should negotiate with terrorists, or do they finally get it now?

  2. Always has been and will be our best friend. Dosent mean that we support everything Israel does and there always will be misunderstandings but our over all support will always be there. (O K we have some loonies that will disagree with that but every large group has some who should just keep quiet.

  3. It is only one Generation removed of Europe Murdering Jews.

    They can not do that in 2015 so they go after Israel thru the Hallowed halls of Academia and Europes so important political process.

    Meanwhile Europe is bring in middle eastern Arabs and one day you will be fighting them in the streets.

    Curse Israel and God will curse you.

  4. Be Very Careful Israel, For Russia Is One Of Your Main Enemies…!!! Russia has spent a lot of Arab and the Western Bankers Money in moving it's military hardware into Syria to set up a base there to get ready for the Green Light to Attack You Israel…and Only GOD WILL COME TO YOUR RESCUE…SO PUT YOUR FULL TRUST AND FAITH IN THE ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD YAHWEH…THEY ALL WANT YOUR OIL, GAS AND GOLD…!!!

  5. Putin is the man. The West should learn a lesson from the strongest leader in the world. Hussein Obama is not a leader neither is Hollande. France has become Arabic and U. S. Administration is Muslim. So israel and Russia stand proud and tall.

  6. You're right, Putin is The Man. Obama is a useless traitor. Israel is NOT, and will never be America's friend as long as AIPAC controls our government through massive bribes, and Netanyahu continues to do the bidding of the Khazarian Mafia. Israel has become a terrorist state, funding and supplying ISIS.

  7. Harold Call you are stupid. It's either you are ignorant or anti-Semite. All over the world you have Muslims' terror and Israel is now a terror state? Muslims could never live in peace with any neighbor not alone speaking of a mix between Muslims and other culture. Just look around you. Israel is the final frontier believe it or not. You think you will be beheaded if you fall into the arms of the extremist?

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