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Hallel Yaffa Ariel, hy'd was murdered in her bed by an Arab terrorist, who was glorified in Arab press

The White House is still silent in the face of a gruesome murder that has rocked the State of Israel from one end of the religious Jewish spectrum to the other.

The parents of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel, hy’d, face a nightmare of paperwork when they rise from the seven-day “shiva” mourning period next week following the death of their daughter.


The young teen was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist while sleeping in her bed at home in Kiryat Arba at 8:44 am Thursday morning. The killer, a resident of the nearby Arab village of Bani Naim, had climbed the security fence surrounding the community and which was located next to Ariel’s home. He entered her room through the open window, and stabbed the young girl dozens of times in her upper body.

She was an American citizen, the U.S. State Department confirmed to journalists after the murder.

But with the exception of a strong statement of condemnation of the killing by State Department spokesperson John Kirby, the Obama Administration has been silent on the matter.

Among the most painful duties to be carried out by Ariel’s parents is the necessity of reporting the death of their daughter to the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem.

The report of the death of a U.S. citizen abroad is required by U.S. law in order to obtain an American death certificate from the U.S. government. For Americans who have made aliyah to Israel, the U.S. form is essential when conducting any government business regarding a deceased individual.

The death certificate soon to be issued by Israel’s Interior Ministry won’t be enough to help Hallel Yaffa’s parents deal with American bureaucracy involving any insurance claims they might have — let alone any lawsuits against the Palestinian Authority they might file in future.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


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  2. HY”D. No Tears left. Nothing but ANGER. Netanyahu responsible and accountable for each and ever Jew that gets murdered. He does nothing but “Talk”. He must step down. Israel must have a Torah Followed Government. This is the only Solution, The Late Rav Meir KAHANE’S STANCE was and still REMAINS the Answer and ONLY SOLUTION! Period!

  3. It's the fault of the cow towing Israeli government who allows muslims to live in Israel. How possibly is this anyone in America's fault. Our government is at fault for Orlando and every muslim terrorist attack on our soil because they allow muslims to live and visit here..your statement doesn't even make sense.

  4. Netanyhu shoulders the blame for this. He should have removed all muslims under 50 from Israel a long time ago with orders to shoot and kill if they try to re enter. Are jews allowed to live freely in any of the 21 Islamic countries in the middle east? Of course not so why then should they be allowed to live freely in Israel?

  5. Do not expect anything from the Muslim in the white House, also, not from Kerry or Hitlery
    Had this been a Muslim killed by a Jew, there would have been "hell to pay" by those dreks>
    And watch Jews vote for Hitlery.
    When will Jews ever learn to protect Jews from the likes of those three?

  6. JJ Mcgann – Your Government remains silent whenever a dual national with American citizenship is murdered by terrorists. Your Government remains silent because it is a Jew who dies. Your Government, both Republican and Democrat Administrations have made the situations in the Middle east WORSE with every botched invasion since 9/11 sent you barreling into Iraq. Your Government is responsible for ramping up Jihadism throughout the Middle East.

    You are an idiot if you think it isn't.

  7. The democrats are baby killers. How would you expect that anyone who defends the senseless and selfish act of abortion would care about an Israeli daughter. Abortion is from satan and so is the democrat platform. .

  8. Because we are a democratic nation, with morals that the savages cannot comprehend. This is our terrible dilemma. If, however Israel would acknoledge that this is a war on our people, then I assume that different laws could be introduced. For this little girl's family, and for all Israelis it is heartbreaking. And nothing will wipe out the pictures of that vilest of crime and blood lust. What sub human madness!

  9. Once again Obama's actions (or lack of them) shows how this president has been influenced by his Muslim (Jew and Caucasian Hating) upbringing. He had no problem immediately jumping in and stating that Treyvon Martin could have been his son, but not one word about a 13 year old Jewish American White girl who is murdered in her sleep. When are our Jewish Brethren going to wake up?

  10. Where is your moral compass, Mr. President? Jewish Blood is the cheapest commodity in the world as the silence clearly demonstrates. Shame on you, Barak Hussain Obama!
    It is also interesting to note that Hillary Clinton issued no statement whatsoever! Donald Trump did so.. We now know exactly where Ms. Clinton's heart and mind is at…

  11. Sylvie Schapira I think people like yourself misunderstand the word morals. There is nothing immoral about kicking muslims out of either Israel or America and actually it is immoral to allow them to remain here when they are placing everyone in danger. Do you have any idea how many Islamic countries there are in the world? Just in the middle east alone there are 21 over a 5 million square mile radius. While Israel is only 8,000 miles . It is not immoral to advocate that 5 million square miles of Islamic controlled territory in those 21 countries is enough land to absorb the muslims contaminating Israel. How many Israelis jew or non jew have to die before the government says enough is enough?

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  13. Mitzi Bruskin Yes he did, indirectly. His biased support of Muslims, Islam, and Palestinians and his unwavering dislike of Israel and Jews, his public comments about the situation in Israel…. and his lack of comments as well… on both the domestic and international scene have encouraged these vicious attacks and inflamed anti-Jewish hatred around the world.

  14. Jackie Rozell not to mention the FACT that Obama supported the muslim brotherhoof takover of Egypt which thankfully was halted by a powerful General of the Egyptian People. Obama is directly responicble for the creation of the Arab spring and has done everythig in his power to destroy the Judeo Christian anglo American/Israel rule of this world.
    Biblically speaking this has all been to hand the power back to BAAL in the world.
    moast folks dont even beleive the Bible anymore so they cant understand the biblical implicationes of what is happening.
    all i can say is get ready folks.
    its about to hit the fan.

  15. Jerry Brownlee Jerry Brownlee they only think that has changed since 1938 is
    Today we have the state of Israel , as the protector of Jews around the world from Africa across Europe to South America
    God bless Israel,the IDF, PM Netanyahu , our hearts and prayers go to Hanas family

  16. I am voting for Hillary because her opponent empowers anti-Semites and other bigots like no candidate in American history.

    I hadn't thought that Trump himself was an anti-Semite but today he put the words, "Most corrupt candidate ever" inside a Magen David in a Twitter post blasting Hillary! Associating Jews with corruption, huh?

    If you are a Jew you are a fool to support Trump.

  17. Charli Hall, That was not the point you MEATHEAD!! it's the double standard, the selective outrage, and transparent animosity against Israel of your Kenyan THUG BOgus POTUS idol! let alone the killing of an young Israeli jewish girl, and will not even twitch to condemmed the Barbarian's heinous murder!

  18. Charlie Hall well then I hope you're happy with the results. You obviously knew what he meant then when his campaign platform involved 'fundamentally changing' the country . . . ?! Thanks for your part in taking our country in the wrong direction. We are vulnerable now due to his lax military policies, letting people into the country who use up services that our tax dollars pay for, harm our citizens and attempt to impose their law or religion – pick one – when we already have a constitution. Well done!

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