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Palestinian Arabs clean rocks from clashes at Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount -- "ammunition" stored in the mosque for future riots against Israel Police and Jewish visitors to the site.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed at the Security Cabinet meeting to fight the rising tide of Arab violence with “all necessary measures” regardless of where and how the attacks take place.

Also attending the discussion were Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Jerusalem Affairs Minister Zeev Elkin, Transportation and Road Safety Minister Yisrael Katz, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Acting Police Commissioner Bentzi Sau. ISA Director Yoram Cohen, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, National Security Adviser Yossi Cohen, Foreign Ministry Director General Dr. Dore Gold, attorney Isaac Molcho and other senior officials.


The prime minister was grim in relating to a Jerusalem Arab rock attack on the first night of the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana (Sun. Sept. 13) that killed a Jewish man in his sixties and injured his wife and daughter.

At the start of the meeting (Tues. Sept. 15) Netanyahu said bluntly, “We will use all necessary measures to fight against those who throw stones, firebombs, pipe bombs and fireworks in order to attack civilians and police.

“On the eve of the holiday it was again proven that throwing stones can kill. Such actions will be met with very sharp punitive and preventive responses. We will lead systemic changes and will set a new standard of deterrence and prevention.”

Cabinet members voted to examine changes in ‘open-fire’ orders, along with changes in the minimum sentences for attacks involving various types of “homemade” ammunition (such as rocks, firebombs, pipebombs and fireworks). Other changes to be considered are the imposition of heavy fines on minors who carry out such attacks, and fines on their parents as well.

Netanyahu emphasized that Israel is committed to maintaining the ‘status quo’ on the Temple Mount, but added that rioters would not be allowed to prevent Jews from visiting the Mount.

Arabs have increased the intensity and frequency of violent riots and attacks on the site in order to prevent any access to the area by Israelis and other Jews.

On Rosh Hashana, government security personnel were forced to use riot control measures in order to ensure that Jews were able to safely visit the Temple Mount compound — Judaism’s holiest site — on pilgrimage.

The prime minister ordered staff to schedule another discussion to be held next week to advance the steps decided on during the evening.



  1. Great
    They need to be CHIPED with RFID
    And only allow on Temple Mount if they are not going to cause trouble

    You don’t defend a mosque by piling up stones and making pipe bombs to hurt people

    No they don’t want peace Islam means to submit

    It’s because Muslims hate Israel…Allah is judging their country’s one by one until they see the truth…
    But the best of planners is Allah
    (Quran 8:30) Yah=16/Allah=16
    The holy land belongs to the Jews
    That includes the Temple Mount…!
    Israel will be judge but it will win in the end
    Day afterward 5776 union=28
    YAHUAH=28 Israel=28 Zion=28 YHWH=28=HWHY watch me=28
    Set apart=28 oneness=28 chosen=28 branch=28 KADURI=28 witness=28 Egypt=28 Joseph=28 CAIRO=28 SHAHAR=28 Turkey=28 Saturday=28 his seats=28
    Shine=28 RFID=28 darkness=28
    Number=28 algebra=28 measure=28

  2. The Oslo accord is null and void! – A scathing indictment of the world nations at large! r11
    The Arab-Palestinians Charter explicitly states that they want the State of Israel for themselves and the Jewish people destroyed.

    The Arab-Palestinians actions to date has proven that they do not want peace. Why is the liberal left and many of the world nations are fantasizing and deluding themselves that the Arabs want peace.
    People of the world wake up and realize what is their ultimate mission, eliminate the unbelievers. The Arabs promote and indoctrinate the children to commit terror and violence.
    The Arabs never intended to abide by the Accord, or any other agreements with Israel for that matter. It was only a means to take control of territory and eventually take over all of Israel and expel and kill the Jews again, and they do not hide their intentions.

    No Democratic country in the world would tolerate the terror violence and mayhem being committed in Israel by the Arabs. Any country that does not take extreme actions to stop this terror and violence is shirking its responsibility and obligation to its citizens and should be replaced.

    Just like Abbas statement this week. It is time for formally announcing that the Oslo Accord is null and void and institute a population exchange. Moving the Arabs to Jordan and or the 120,000 sq. km. the Arab countries confiscated from the terrorized and expelled million Jewish families. Thus, take back complete control of Judea and Samaria and everything west of the Jordan River as decreed by post WWI international law and treaties, including the January 1919 Faisal Weizmann Agreement.

    If the world at large does not wake up now they will be next. It already has started, take off the blinders, open you eyes and look around. The current refugee problem from Syria and others are flooding Europe and changing the nature and face of Europe and others.
    They are taking over Europe without a battle.
    No entity in the world will force a solution on Israel.
    They forced or were complicit to the Final solution in WWII with the Holocaust and the extermination of over 6 million Jewish people, men women and children.
    Where were the worlds nations outcry, threats and objection when millions of Jewish people were being exterminated, men women and children? They were silent.
    The Arab world received over 5 million square miles of territory after WWI and they begrudge the 75,000 sq. miles Israel was suppose to get and took 78% of it for Jordan and now they want more, until there is no Israel at all.
    Where was the world nations when the Arab countries persecuted, terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and their children from their countries many who lived there for over 2,400 years, the Arabs confiscated their assets, business, homes and land 6 times the size of Israel (120,440 sq. km. or 75,000 sq. miles), valued in the trillions of dollars? Most of the expelled Jewish families settled in Israel and now comprise over half the population.
    Where is the world nations today? Why do they ignore when thousands are slaughtered by Muslims throughout the world. The Muslims have killed over a half a billion people since the Muslim religion was initiated.

    Today and since 1948. Israel is being threatened with annihilation and when Israel defends itself from destruction, terror, suicide bombers, thousands of missiles, violence, etc, by the Arabs, every country has something to say, threaten Israel and meddle in its internal business.

    This is the time when nations of the world must mind their own business and stay out of Israel’s internal affairs. Only then there will be a possibility of peace.

    YJ Draiman

  3. When Israel violates the underlying statements by Ben Gurion. -The Jewish people pay the price of terror and violence and the deteriorating safety and security of the citizens of Israel.

    "No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish People in Israel.
    No Jew has the authority to do so.
    No Jewish body has the authority to do so.
    Not even the entire Jewish People alive today has the right to yield any part of Israel.
    It is the right of the Jewish People over the generations, a right that under
    no conditions can be cancelled.
    Even if Jews during a specific period proclaim they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the authority to deny it to future generations.
    No concession of this type is binding or obligates the Jewish People. Our right to the country – the entire country – exists as an eternal right, and we shall not yield this historic right until its full and complete redemption is realized."
    Ben Gurion at the 1937 Zionist Convention in Basel, Switzerland

    The Jewish people war of survival was not won when Hitler lost. It continues to this day, against enemies with far more effective tools of mass murder at their disposal. Plus we are easy to find now.

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