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Rioters' stones on Temple Mount

On Tuesday morning, Arab rioters on the Temple Mount who presumably found no more Jews or police to attack up there, began throwing stones down at the Jews who were engaged in their morning prayer before the Western Wall. One woman, age 73, was injured lightly and was rushed to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital. (Update: The woman was released from the hospital late Tuesday afternoon).

Once again this week Israel has taught the Arab rioters on the Temple Mount that crime pays, and violent crime pays double. Following two days of violent riots on the sacred grounds, during which Arab youths threw stones and fireworks at security forces, police on Tuesday morning banned the entrance of Jewish and all other non-Muslim visitors, which is what the violent mob was demanding in the first place.


The announcement about the banning of Jews came before the Arabs started throwing rocks down on Jewish worshipers by the Kotel.

The Arabs argued that there had been a status quo according to which on the final ten days of the month of Ramadan no non-Muslim was allowed to set foot on the ground where a scene from dream of the prophet Mohammad took place back in the seventh century (he never actually set foot there).

For two days straight, Arab rioters barricaded themselves inside the Al Aqsa mosque, where they stored stones and fireworks, determined to interrupt the peaceful routine of Jewish visits to the Temple Mount. As soon as the first visitors had entered, Muslim youths, some of them masked, burst out of the mosque, screaming stuff about the supremacy of Allah (He is, apparently, very big) and throwing stones at the frightened visitors and at police. Police and Border Guard pushed back the attackers, and enabled the continued visits.

Israel Police issued a communiqué Monday saying that any attempt to violate the order anywhere in Jerusalem, including in the Old City and on the Temple Mount would be handled “resolutely and firmly,” in order to maintain the status quo allowing members of all religions to be on the Temple Mount. “Jerusalem Police will use all the tools at its disposal to arrest the rioters and to prosecute them to the full extent of the law.”

Nekhtike Tug, goes the Yiddish adage, meaning, roughly, go find the stuff you lost yesterday, or, basically, it wasn’t happening. Because overnight Monday, according to an Israel Radio report, there were talks between the Netanyahu government and the Jordanians, whose Waqf association is the de facto ruler of the sacred compound, and a decision was made to bow to the will of the thugs one more time.

Let it be a lesson to them.


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  1. This is really not good at all the alaqsa needs to be demolished aswell as the dome without further ado and then the offending Muslim's will have no reason to be there
    They would waste no time destroying Jewish and Christian holy sites as we have seen over and over.
    Do the right thing and demolish the Islamic sites of filth

  2. Time to ban them from the Temple Mount. They are becoming more and more violent and aggressive. If Jews cannot daven at the Kotel or visit the Temple Mount without being attacked either verbally or physically then it is time to remove the aggressors permanently. I believe that the agreement with the Waqf is no longer viable and needs to end. The IDF is needed there. In this way, we will also end Muslim digs below the Mount wherein they are never monitored and are free to destroy any and all Jewish artifacts as they have been doing for decades.

  3. Why is this news? For years these emboldened
    punks have been attempting to murder us by
    throwing lethal stones.
    I'm requesting that someone publish a link
    to ONE article where any nation in the entire
    world allowed its citizens to be murdered by
    DAILY stoning. DAILY!!!
    What should have contained w simple force
    now must be confronted w live ammunition;
    until it stops or EVERYONE who throws a stone
    Is shot dead.

  4. so where is all the media attention which should be focused on this situation? – You can be sure that if the boot was on the other foot, the whole world would be up in arms… Of course, I imagine that justice would be initiated, in a true and just world, maybe but with the continuance of slime spreading across the planet, no-one wants to make waves – Unfortunately, it will be too late for people to realise what they are embracing is poison but they think islam, even with its toxic ideals, is preferable to Jews/Israel.

  5. Israel either needs to accept they have lost complete control of the Temple Mount and stay away from it, or step up and limit the number of Muslims allowed there at a given time. The current situation is untenable. Either bite the bullet and rectify it or admit defeat and turn it completely over to the Muslims and tell Jews and foreign visitors to stay away.

  6. Good article, but, David, you could've written regarding the Temple Mount that it's "where a scene from dream of the prophet Mohammad took place" according to some interpreters.
    There is no direct reference to where this faraway place is located.
    Also, if I'm unmistaken, at least one of the structures on the Temple Mount was built by Muslims – or, they allowed it to be built by Jews – for Jews to pray.

  7. The Israeli government must stop this rediculious unilater punishment against the victims with no punishment for the criminal perps. If these criminals are not controled by the Waquif's men and they allow them to throw stones,( and believe me they are capable of watch our ever move on the mount and I mean EVER move . Then the government must punish them by not allowing ANYONE on the mount, simple they control their people or all of their people will not be able to visit/worship/ throw more rocks!

  8. Unfortunately, there is a treaty in place giving Jordan control. So how about warning Jordan that they are about to lose control if they can't control their people; then take control for a couple days until Jordan gets it together. And then wait until the king is deposed, and a new more hostile Jordanian government annuls the peace treaty. Then it's all over for Waqf.

  9. Alan Kardon Ohh! Alan He has not suggested leading a revolt, Peoples viewpoint is changing slowly and the protective gene is about to kick in. Many are waking up to the fact. You can write the Sarcasm Page in the up coming Worlds War review.

  10. The video is all the prove that is required to show as to who incites who!!!
    One can see that the elders are standing by and are not trying to stop the stone throwers.

  11. Alan Kardon when the arabs are rioting, we do not withdraw security forces giving them free reign to extend the boundaries of their havoc, that would be one place to start. But, this is what happened, our security forces were ordered to withdraw, and they were free to throw rocks down on people praying at the Kotel. I would tell bibi to act like a leader and defend his people, or go get a new job.

  12. Doroty Mehta & Susanna Reynoso, please note that Alan Kardon ALWAYS says something to the effect, "Are you prepared to lead the way"? His comments are meaningless sarcasim. He's a do nothing guy except to ridicule other comments. I wouldn't want to be on his team for anything! The guy has no balls.

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