Photo Credit: Sophie Gordon / Flash 90
Graffiti on a wall in Jerusalem of a like sign from facebook.

A Jewish resident of Nazareth has been indicted for incitement on Facebook against Arabs.

The rare indictment was filed Wednesday in the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court against Meir Borenstein, 26, by the Northern District Attorney’s Office.


Borenstein is one of the first Jews to be charged with racist incitement and incitement to violence against Arabs on Facebook.

The charges stem from his posts in 2013 and 2014 calling on Jews to “break everything of theirs, their cars, their iPhones, their teeth… let’s start our own intifada,” and to kidnap Arabs.



  1. Indict the postman for biting the dog! Rare? When have leftists and Arabs ever been indicted for "incitement" in Israel?
    Israel's politicized judicial system on display – finally finds some "incitement" worth prosecuting: and why is it not protected speech?

  2. and yet Arabs scream "Itbach al Yahud" at Jewish cars and at Jews in the street and Israel does nothing. they cheer when the siren for incoming missiles from Gaza and Israel does nothing. We can see that Israel's government is a gangster state that persecutes Jews, while giving aid and comfort to the terrorist enemy. Israel with its incitement laws and administrative detention is no democracy.

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