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Muslim Brotherhood flag.

Some two dozen members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan were arrested ten days ago in connection with accusations of smuggling arms and money into Judea and Samaria.

According to an article published Monday by the Jordanian Al-Hayat newspaper, the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood was also charged with creating a secret armed organization.


Two members were also accused of carrying out training in Gaza — and attempting to train operatives to carry out attacks in Judea and Samaria.

Sources in Jordan, meanwhile, revealed that the name of Turkey-based high-ranking Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri continues to reappear during investigations of the terror-related activities. Al-Arouri’s name has come up several times over the past year, most prominently in connection with the abduction and murder of three yeshiva teens in Gush Etzion by Hamas terrorists in June this past summer.

Al-Arouri’s name also came up during the questioning of the current Muslim Brotherhood suspects in connection with their activities. Al-Arouri, however, has stated that Hamas – which was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood – does not operate in Jordan at a military level. A report by the Aljazeera news network confirmed that 25 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan were arrested after several were caught red-handed trying to smuggle weapons in the Palestinina Authority

The Jordanian officer involved in the case noted in his report that it appears two of the suspects had been trained for their roles in Gaza.



  1. From where I'm sitting — it looks like there is a FULL COURT PRESS to attack civilians at every level – North and South – day and night – sort of a massive, minnie intafada without the expense of a full intafada. This is suppose to frighten the population – to weaken their resolve – to sign a peace treaty with Abbas and on the other hand commit suicide. I call it desperation on Abass's leadership team. They are running out of options before their people finally rise up and show them the door. Is this possible ?

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