Photo Credit: Aryeh Rozan - Tazpit News Agency
Illustrative photo: Arab stone-throwing hits a windshield.

A number of vehicles were damaged Thursday night after Israeli drivers were ambushed in roadside attacks by Arab terrorists in Judea, Samaria and in the northeastern Negev. Palestinian Authority terrorists are being emboldened by what they perceive as support from the international community.

Arab terrorists attacked Israeli drivers early Thursday evening as they passed the town of Huwara, south of Shechem on Highway 60. At least one vehicle was damaged as it came under a hail of rocks There’s been no report of physical injuries in the attack.


Another terrorist stoning attack was reported near the Beitot Junction, also near Huwara. The Israeli driver managed to escape without physical injuries but as with the other attack, his vehicle was damaged.

Later in the evening, an Israeli bus was attacked by stone-throwers as it traveled near the Jewish community of Migdalim on Route 505 in Samaria. No physical injuries were reported among the passengers, according to the Hatzolah emergency response organization in Judea and Samaria. There was no information about the condition of the bus.

In Judea, Israeli drivers each came under a hail of rocks in stoning attacks while traveling along Route 375, a branch off Highway 60 in Judea, east of the Jewish community of Beitar Illit.

Recently the IDF has drastically reduced the number of patrol vehicles deployed along the Judean traffic arteries, although the reason is unclear.

Attackers also threw stones at drivers on the road near the Judean Jewish community of Beit Hagai – but in this case, security forces were close by and they caught the attacker red-handed. Police say he was arrested and taken into custody.

In an unusual incident in southern Israel, a terror attack was reported Thursday night on Route 25, near the Negev Bedouin town of Aro’er.

Arabs hurled stones at an Israeli bus traveling past the area, which is in a remote location in the northeastern Negev between the cities of Arad to the north, and Dimona to the south. Both cities are integrated communities with mixed populations.

No physical injuries were reported but there was no word on the status of the bus.



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