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Rally in front of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Gaza City in solidarity with Hisham Abu Hawash, an Islamic Jihad terrorist who went on a hunger strike in an Israeli jail. Jan 2, 2022.

Islamic Jihad terrorist Hisham Abu Hawash will end his hunger strike after an agreement was reached to release him from administrative detention. He has been on the hunger strike for 141 days. He will be released on February 26, 2022 when his current detention period is over.

Egyptian intelligence has maintained intensive contact with Israel and the Islamic Jihad movement on the matter. Egypt wants to reach a compromise because it fears that it could lead to a new round of fighting in the Gaza Strip.


Jordanian officials were also involved in the negotiations.

However, Israeli authorities have not said why they would have made such an agreement.

The news comes on a day when Islamic Jihad threatened that if Hisham Abu Hawash dies “his death will lead to the bombing of Tel Aviv.”

The Islamic Jihad official responsible for the prisoners’ portfolio said Tuesday that Secretary-General Ziad Nachale emphasized that if Abu Hawash dies, “Tel Aviv will be bombed in response.”

Sources report that military and political figures from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip met on Monday to discuss the response against Israel in the case of Abu Abu Hawash, and other sources in the Gaza Strip claim that Egyptian-mediated talks are underway and that Israel agreed to release Abu Hawash in April while the Egyptians demand his release as early as next month.

Al-Arabiya reported in this regard that two Egyptian delegations are making their way to the Gaza Strip to prevent an escalation.

Abu Hisham, 40, is from the village of Dura near Hebron.


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