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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, July 1, 2019.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday declared that he would no longer allow the evacuation of any settlement – Jewish or Arab.

“Here’s a commitment, write it down,” Netanyahu said at an event in Revava, between Barkan and Karnei Shomron—five minutes from Kfar Saba—marking the 40th anniversary of the Samaria Regional Council.


“I offer it under my own name, but it’s crucial to understand that it has no time limit,” the PM insisted, vowing: “No settlement can be uprooted in the Land of Israel, neither Jewish nor Arab. We do not uproot people. We’re done with this nonsense. Under my leadership, Israel did not and will not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

Netanyahu’s remarks regarding the evacuation of Arabs have to do with his lingering failure to evacuate the illegal Bedouin shantytown of Khan al-Ahmar, despite a succession of High Court of Justice rulings. During the last election campaign, Netanyahu declared several times that the evacuation would take place “soon,” but after the election he told the court he was freezing the move until after the next election. The state recently promised the High Court that the village would be evacuated in December 2019 at the earliest.

Because you expect this from us, The Jewish Press Online went to the Internet—so you won’t have to—and dug up the list of Jewish properties demolished, evacuated and given away under Netanyahu’s various governments:

Bibi retreated from Hebron and handed it to Yasser Arafat during his first government.

In his next governments, Bibi evacuated or destroyed dozens of settlements and buildings, including neighborhoods in the original Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria:

The neighborhood in Beit El, in return for which he promised to build 300 apartments—and it goes without saying that to this day they don’t exist.

Maale Rechavam.

Givat Ulpana.

Bat Ayin.


Beit HaShalom in Hebron.

Givat Asaf.

Havat Gilad.

Givat Ronen.

Mitzpeh Yitzhar.

Mitzpe Avichai.

Aish Kodesh.

Shvut Ami.

Malachy Shalom outpost.

Yeshivat Har Bracha.

The Darinoff Houses in Beit El.

Givat Sorek.

Hill 771 in Elon Moreh.

Communities in Gush Shilo: Geulat Zion, Oz Zion, Maoz Esther, Givat Menachem.

The Chazon David Synagogue in Kiryat Arba (demolished and rebuilt dozens of times).

Ayelet Hashahar Synagogue in Givat Ze’ev.

Buildings near Hogla House.

Baladim Hill in Binyamin.

Homes in Eli in Binyamin.

Second evacuation of Sa-Nur.

Mitzpe Dani.

Neve Erez.

Adey Ad.

Tekoa D.

Tekoa E.

Tapuach in Samaria.

Givat Gal.

The therapeutic farm near Or Hadash spring in Binyamin.

“Several principles guide me in relation to Judea and Samaria,” Netanyahu told the audience Wednesday. “One – this is our land, our homeland; two – we will continue to develop and build it; three – no settlement will be uprooted under any political plan, not one settler; four – The IDF and security forces will continue to control the entire area down to the Jordan River; five – I work to achieve international agreement on these principles. Look what we did in the Golan Heights, what we did in Jerusalem. To be continued.”

Needless to say, the recognition of Jerusalem and the Golan were unique American decisions, occasionally against the objections of the Netanyahu government, but who can remember those things.

Netanyahu also vowed to impose Israeli sovereignty in Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria. That promise and a cheese and tomato sandwich should provide you with a healthy meal.

And before we forget, remember Wikileaks? One of the documents it released a few years ago was a May 28, 2009 classified telegram from the US embassy in Tel Aviv, titled: GOI (Government of Israel) SAYS IT IS READY TO EVACUATE OUTPOSTS. Check it out, it’s amazing. Here’s just a portion:

“Since Prime Minister Netanyahu’s May 18 meeting with POTUS (Obama – DI), the GOI has publicly announced and demonstrated its intent to dismantle illegal West Bank outposts.” And, “On May 26, an MOD contact confirmed to EconCouns that Minister of Defense Barak and PM Netanyahu agree in principle to dismantle between 22-26 post-March 2001 outposts.” And, “It is encouraging that the Nethanyahu government at all levels has verified its intent to develop a comprehensive evacuation plan for illegal outposts.”

Each one of these assessments also notes the way the Netanyahu government is dragging its feet regarding its commitments to clear Jewish settlers – but read the entire, very long document. It should give you pause regarding Netanyahu’s vows and promises.


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