Photo Credit: Courtesy National Council of Resistance of Iran
The Free Iran rally in Paris on June 30, 2018.

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted a few weeks ago of a large-scale terror attack that had been thwarted outside Paris, on Thursday evening it was revealed that said thwarting was the result of an operation led by Mossad on European soil, Hadashot reported.

The thwarting of the Iranian attack came at a time of talks between the United States and Europe on the intensification of sanctions against Iran.


The terror cell, headed by an Iranian diplomat based in Vienna, planned last month to attack a conference of opponents of the Tehran regime that was to be held in a town near Paris. Mossad agents, together with their Belgian, French and German counterparts, conducted a hunt of the terror cell across several countries.

The operation, which included tracking, wiretapping and listening, led to the capture of members of the terror cell with their communications and explosive devices.

In addition to two suspects arrested in Belgium, an Iranian diplomat stationed in Austria was arrested in Germany on suspicion of heading the Iranian terror cell that planned to set off an explosive device. Another Iranian was arrested in France.

On July 5, Netanyahu said in a speech: “I call on the leaders of Europe: stop financing the Iranian regime that organizes terror against you, on your own soil … Enough with the policy of weakness and appeasement regarding Iran.”