Church of Scotland Reverend Richard Cameron on Wednesday confronted Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn showing off a tartan scarf outside a community center in Glasgow, and heckled:

“I thought you’d be wearing your Islamic jihad scarf,” a reference to Corbyn’s friendship with Gaza terrorists.


“You got invited to the funeral?” a reference to the IDF’s assassination of Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Atta.

“Do you think the man that’s going to be prime minister of this country should be a terrorist sympathizer, Mr Corbyn?” which is truly nasty, but hey, it’s Scotland.

“Who’s going to be the first terrorist invited to the House of Commons when you’re the prime minister?” also very unkind, and, of course, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

And finally, the unavoidable happy-ender: “Aye, he’s running away!” which is so reminiscent of Mel Gibson in Braveheart, and also, of course, Groundskeeper Willie.

The eloquent response from hard left fan account The Election Leftorium, offered a concrete defense: “Unsurprisingly some might say, Corbyn’s Heckler Reverend Richard Cameron has islamophobic and homophobic tendencies and turns out to be… a Boris Johnson veil comment supporting bigot.”

Yes, my answer to your accusations, Sir, is that you hate homos and Muslims, so there.

The Daily Record, a Scottish tabloid newspaper based in Glasgow, went to town with those clever retotrs and investigated the reverend’s record on gays and Muslims, concluding: “Cameron posted that ‘homosexual behavior is a sin’ and said ‘allowing children to change their gender is wicked.'”

Are you getting the feeling The Daily Record is published on a different planet? You’re not alone. Here’s some more:

“On Tuesday he retweeted a post which read: ‘How can raising a boy as a girl not be child abuse? It is emotional, mental and sexual abuse surely? We must get serious about praying for a society, such as ours, which has plumbed such depths in parenting and care for our children.'”

The madman…

According to the shocking revelations in The Daily Record, Reverend Richard Cameron also “shared a series of controversial views on Islam, describing terrorism as ‘a problem Islam needs to deal with,’ a full face veil as ‘oppressive and unBritish’ and the prophet Muhammad as “a violent man.'”

According to The Sun, locals said Rev Cameron was a controversial figure in the neighborhood due to his outspoken views. They didn’t go into specifics as to who and how many locals we’re talking about.

A spokesperson for the Church of Scotland said: “There has been significant concern raised today about the comments made by Rev Richard Cameron and his social media use. At this stage all we can say is that there is a formal complaints process and that any complaints we receive in relation to this matter will be taken seriously and addressed.”

Or, in language: no complaints so far.

The spokesperson also stressed: “We do deplore any comments which are Islamophobic or homophobic. The Church of Scotland works closely with our Islamic neighbors and the General Assembly has taken a strong position and said formally that we decry homophobia in any form.”

Oh, a reminder: back in 2013, the Church of Scotland issued a report titled “The inheritance of Abraham? A report on the ‘promised land'” which analyzed the various scriptural and theological claims of Jews to the land and rejected those verses in which the land is promised to the children of Abraham. Furthermore, it dismissed the “belief among some Jewish people that they have a right to the land of Israel as a compensation for the suffering of the Holocaust.”

Give ’em Hell, Rev Cameron!


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