Israeli Ambassador to London Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) was forced to flee an event held at the London School of Economics Tuesday night following a protest by pro-Palestinian protesters, according to social media. In the video (see above), Hotovely is seen leaving the building holding a bouquet and surrounded by security guards who urge her to get in the car and drive away quickly, with demonstrators holding the Palestinian flag shouting at her, “Shame on you.”

Hotovely was invited to the prestigious university by the student association to participate in a public debate. But the invitation provoked opposition from students affiliated with the far left, who were outraged at the school’s “giving a stage to racism,” and prevented the ambassador’s participation.


The video shows how Hotovely’s security guards are pushing her into the car to flee the scene, blocking the way of the protesters who are trying to approach the ambassador. In the background are also local policemen who are trying to bring order and block the protesters, while Hotovely gets into her vehicle that leaves the place speedily.

American philanthropist Adam Milstein tweeted in response: “Disturbing display of blatant Jew-hatred at LSE event on the anniversary of Kristallnacht in which Israeli Ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely is threatened and chased off-campus. Appalling.”

But researcher Hadi Nasrallah (what a name) tweeted gleefully: Amazing. Israeli ambassador Tzipi Hotovely was forced to flee London’s LSE university after students protested her presence and refused to give her a platform. This is how colonial war criminals must be treated everywhere.”

Secretary of State for Education Nadhim Zahawi who represents Stratford-on-Avon in parliament tweeted his outrage: “This is deeply disturbing, I am so sorry Ambassador Hotovely.”

And LSE for Palestine tweeted, I kid you not: “Cops off-campus. Students protesting against war criminal Nakba denier Tzipi Hotoveli assaulted by police.” Folks, it don’t look like Israeli Hasbara is doing so good…

Here’s another tweet with a video showing the scene outside the school. Gives you an idea of just how brave Ambassador Hotovely had to be to walk through this madding crowd:


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