Photo Credit: Google Maps image with Shin Bet images
Lakiya road sign with images of the two detained terror suspects

The Shin Bet, in conjunction with the IDF, in December 2017 arrested two Israeli citizens, Rahma Al-Assad and Tasnin Al-Assad, both 19, residents of Lakiya, a Bedouin town in the Negev, on suspicion of being in contact with Islamic State terrorists.

In their investigation it became clear that over the course of last year, the two women had sought to carry out a terrorist attack against Jews inside the State of Israel and considered various options to this end.


They were also in contact with Islamic State terrorists abroad, and were instructed by some of them to carry out preparatory missions ahead of the projected attack.

It was also learned that the two planned to travel overseas in order to join the Islamic State as fighters and had published content praising the Islamic State and inciting to terrorism against Jews and Israel.

The State Attorney’s Office (Southern District), on Monday indicted the two women in the Be’er Sheva Southern District Court.

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