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The IAI Harop is a loitering munition developed by the MBT division of Israel Aerospace Industries.

IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari on Friday morning revealed that a “remotely manned aircraft” eliminated a terrorist in Lebanese territory overnight. Also, the IDF attacked several Hezbollah military infrastructures in response to the launches carried out Thursday night against Israeli territory.

It was clear from the videos that were provided by Hagari that the IDF was relying heavily on drone work on the northern front:


Fighter jets attacked more than 100 operational targets of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip overnight Friday, destroying tunnel shafts, munitions warehouses, and dozens of operational headquarters. During the attacks, the IDF and Shin Bet eliminated a terrorist who was in the naval force of the terrorist organization Hamas and took part in the murderous terrorist operations in the Gaza Strip.

Now, take a look at the video that accompanied the above report: it documents a drone attack, from beginning to end. The drone hovers over the target, verifies, and blasts.

Next, Hagari reported that a targeted attack eliminated a terrorist squad associated with the Hamas air force that planned to launch missiles at an Israeli aircraft. That language, too, suggests a drone did the job.

In the same tweet, Hagari said that the attacks destroyed a terrorist infrastructure and weapons cache in a mosque in the Jablia neighborhood, which was used, among other things, as an observation post and a gathering place for terrorists associated with Hamas.

Earlier, Hagari reported that security forces under the direction of the Shin Bet had been operating since nightfall on Thursday in a divisional operation to counter terrorism in the Noor al-Shams refugee camp in Samaria. The forces arrested wanted persons, destroyed terrorist infrastructures, and confiscated weapons. So far, some 10 wanted persons have been arrested and several ready-to-use explosives destroyed. An IDF aircraft located and attacked an armed terrorist squad that endangered our forces in the area, killing several terrorists.

Yes, that, too, was a drone, as documented in the video below:

Last July, the IDF admitted it was using armed drones as part of its ongoing operations. Foreign media have been saying for at least 15 years that Israel is developing and using armed unmanned aircraft and pointed to last February’s operation in Syria in which six Israeli drones destroyed hundreds of parked Iranian drones.

Human Rights Watch accused Israel of using drones in excessive attacks on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of civilians. Remember those ancient days, when Israel was considered the aggressor in Gaza?

Israel reportedly sold its drones to Morocco and Azerbaijan. The Armenians posted this video of an Azerbaijani S300 air defense system being attacked by an Azerbaijani Israel Aerospace Industries Harop drone.


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