Photo Credit: Negev Athletes, Facebook
Hanin Nasser

Israeli high-jump champion Hanin Nasser, 22, one of the most gifted female athletes in the country, has been attacked by the vehemently anti-Zionist Arab NGO Hirak Haifa which accused her of being a race traitor, Makor Rishon reported on Monday.

“After exhausting in vain all attempts to communicate with the athlete Hanin Nasser, and although we have provided her with many respectable alternatives to complete her athletic progress through international sports clubs and with distinguished Olympic coaches from different countries in the world, as well as the readiness of various entities to support her economically and to embrace this promising talent, Hanin does not listen to the voice of her people and the voice of truth, and is still determined to participate in the name of ‘Israel’ in high-jump competitions in Europe,” Hirak Haifa posted recently.


The NGO added: “We condemn her representation of the Zionist entity that uprooted our people and is using her as a fig leaf to cover up the racism and crimes of Israel.”

Second Israel not in quotes.

Nasser, a Muslim, was born in Arraba, an Israeli Arab city in the Lower Galilee. She trains at and represents the Beer Sheva club of Negev Athletes.

Last time Hirak Haifa made news was in 2012, when 100 Haifa University Arab students who were affiliated with this NGO clashed with Jewish students over the war in Gaza. Hirak Haifa organized daily demonstrations during that Gaza conflict.

According to the same NGO post, they sent a personal letter to the champion suggesting she should not lose her place in heaven for “personal gain.”

The letter read: “To the Palestinian gymnast, born in the village of Arraba, Hanin Nasser. We received information about your intention to participate in representing ‘Israel’ in an international gymnastics tournament held in Sweden in the coming days. While we are proud of you as a gymnast with a promising future in this sport, we are shocked that you would represent the Occupation. We are hopeful that you will reconsider this participation, and cause the Occupation to miss an opportunity to take advantage of your high-jump to improve their image by jumping on the wounds of our Palestinian nation.”

That’s Israel in quotes and an inspired image of a high-jumper jumping on wounds.

Im Tirtzu, which discovered the post, claims it constitutes a threat against the athlete and crosses a red line. The Israeli Athletics Association issued a response hailing Hanin Nasser’s success as a representative of Israel abroad and reminded everyone that sports should be kept away from politics.