Photo Credit: Israel Police
Guns used in the Temple Mount terror attack. July 14, 2017

Police now believe that the weapons used in Friday’s Temple Mount terror attack were hidden in the holy site days ahead of the attack.

The police are investigating if the terrorists received any inside help, specifically from Waqf officials, who may have hidden the weapons, two Carl Gustav machine guns, a pistol and knives, for the terrorists, or even brought them in.


One Waqf official whom police saw acting suspiciously near some security cameras was arrested.

Altogether three Waqf officials have been arrested so far.

Police are also investigating if any other relatives of the terrorists may have assisted in the attack.

The Mufti of Jerusalem was also detained on Friday after calls of incitement to his fellow Muslims following the attack.

The Al Aqsa mosque’s administrator was allowed in for a short time after the visit was coordinated between Jordan and Israel.

The Temple Mount will gradually be reopened on Sunday afternoon.


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