Photo Credit: Screenshot of Livnat Marciano Dahan's video on Facebook
Porch singing in Kfar Yona, March 14, 2020

The social networks have been inspired by several tweets that showed Italians under countrywide quarantine organize their neighborhoods into lively singing bands, complete with musical instruments and surprisingly good voices. And so, in the small town of Kfar Yona, east of Netanya, two residents who are in isolation for fear of being exposed to the coronavirus, on Saturday night spontaneously they put out a loudspeaker on their balcony and played dance music for their neighbors’ enjoyment.


Some neighbors apparently were not inspired and dialed 100 to complain to police. A patrol car showed up at the scene and ordered the music be stopped. One thing led to another and the music makers got into a fight with the cops who ended up arresting them and a few of their neighbors who protested the interruption.

One neighbor told News 12: “We are all in one kind of isolation or another. There are adults here in quarantine and there are dozens of children in quarantine. There’s a lot of pressure and it’s very difficult to contain it in a residential building. So some neighbors have eased the tension a bit. It’s unclear why the police had to act like that.”

The Police responded, saying they had been attacked while attempting to end the noise pollution, and attacking public officials is unacceptable.

See, in Italy the cops join the singing and dancing…


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