Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90
El Al Boeing 787 Dreamliner after landing at Ben Gurion International Airport, August 23, 2017.

Population and Migration Authority Update: Only Tourists and Foreign Nationals whose Lives are not Based in Israel to be Denied Entry.

In followup to their decision yesterday, the Population and Migration Authority has updated and clarified their entry restriction list for non-citizens of Israel.


It had been previously decided that foreign nationals who are neither citizens nor residents of Israel will not be permitted to enter the State of Israel.

Entry will be permitted for those whose lives are based in Israel.

The authority updated, that it should be emphasized that spouses and children of Israeli citizens will be allowed to enter Israel.

Those who wish to enter Israel will need to present proof that their lives are based in Israel by filing a digital application – including the relevant documents – by email to the local Israeli embassy (consular services) or consulate (please check relevant websites for email addresses). The application will be evaluated. Applicants and their airlines will be notified (by the embassy or consulate in question) when a decision is made. It should be reiterated that this service is only for those whose lives are based in Israel.

New Olim (immigrants) will work with the Jewish Agency regarding their entry.