Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday posted a video online that empathizes with the plight of Iranians, specifically a young girl named Fatameh and the brutal aspects of her daily life.

The comments section on YouTube included some touching responses, including this one, from Sorena Espahbod:


“Dear Mr. Prime Minister, as an Iranian I deeply appreciate your kind words. Many Iranians like myself can’t thank you enough for becoming our voice. As you know Iran was invaded 1,400 years ago by the same people who are killing innocent Israeli citizens today. We have a common enemy which enjoys watching both our nations’ pain and suffering. We are shaking your hands and I assure you true Iranians never forgot the deep love and great bond between our countries.

“We Iranians are the children of Cyrus the Great. Our great father helped Jews to become free. Now Cyrus the Great’s children are suffering and being held hostage by this brutal Islamic regime. Please help us to gain our freedom and let history and Iranian people remember your name for thousands of years.

“Iran will be again second home of our dear Jewish brothers and sisters and because of our new and unshakable friendship no enemy in the region will be dare to even think about taking one wrong step. Thank you again Mr. Prime Minister and Shalom Israel.”

An Israeli surfer named Yair Levin commented, quite unsympathetically: “Hey, so what, Iran loves living in the 7th century, it’s no big deal!!!”

Then there was Zeynab Norozi, who wrote: “I’m iranian, why you lie about us sooo much? You are brain washing people.”

And the even less kind post from Lion Heart, who wrote: “Pig face Zionist, hope they kill you soon!!!”

Finally, this dubious note from Indria Happy, who does not come across as anything like her name. We copied and pasted her post as is: “A lot iranian run in Australia. They hope better life. A lot die in ocean to cross Australia, the ship. Crass. If they comeback they die. Our family help few refuge, to give them food and medicine, but its also not help. Because to many people. I Saw by my self its tough life for them. May them Will be better someday. Im asking in my heart, for they government and mindset …. WHERE IS THE LOVE ?”

Where is it, indeed.