Photo Credit: Al-Manar Screenshot
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah met with Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Ziad Nakhla, and Deputy Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas Saleh Al-Arouri, October 25, 2023.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah who has been safely ensconced in a bunker in Beirut since the IDF bombed his home in 2006, on Wednesday welcomed two other agents of chaos and murder, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Ziad Nakhla, and the Deputy Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas Saleh Al-Arouri, Hezbollah’s satellite television Al-Manar reported.

According to the report, the three evaluated the recent events in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” and the developments that followed at every level, as well as the ongoing confrontations between Hezbollah and the IDF on the Lebanese border with Israel.


“An assessment was made of the positions taken internationally and regionally and what the parties of the resistance axis must do at this sensitive stage to achieve a real victory for the resistance in Gaza and Palestine and to stop the treacherous and brutal aggression against our oppressed and steadfast people in Gaza and the West Bank, and it was agreed to continue coordination and permanent follow-up of developments on a daily and permanent basis,” Al-Manar noted – you may need to pause for breathing there on your own because no periods or commas were provided in the original text.

Nasrallah sent a letter to Hezbollah’s military units in which he wrote that it was decided to call the organization’s dead since the beginning of the war on October 7 “martyrs on the way to Jerusalem.” The IDF estimates that several dozen Hezbollah terrorists have been awarded martyrdom over the past 48 hours, as at least eight anti-tank launching squads were eliminated from the air, and only one of them managed to let out a rocket before going to meet Allah.

Kan 11 reporter Roy Case commented that Nasrallah’s photo was published after Hezbollah had been riddled with inquiries about the leader’s whereabouts. Hassan Fadlallah, a Hezbollah member of the parliament, addressed the issue a few days ago, saying, “Nasrallah constantly follows the events in South Lebanon and Gaza, supervises the management of the campaign, and is in direct contact with Hezbollah’s field commanders, supervising all the events in the field and the political contacts.”

Fadlallah explained the fact that the Hezbollah leader was not speaking to the media saying this was part of his war tactics, so as not to reveal his plans, which “embarrasses the enemy.”

We so would like to watch what “the enemy” does to Nasrallah as soon as he pokes his head out of his bunker. We think February 2 would be a very fitting date.

Oh, look it up, for heavens’ sake.


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