Photo Credit: Michael Giladi / Flash90
Israeli soldiers watch the Syrian side of the border on the Golan Heights, October 30, 2023.

An Iran-backed militia in Syria launched a suicide drone at Israel’s southern Golan Heights on Wednesday night.

The explosives-laded unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crashed near Moshav Eliad, east of the Sea of Galilee.


There were no reports of injuries in the incident, which did not trigger red alert warnings. Some material damage to a building was reported, however.

Haim Rokah, head of the Golan Regional Council, reportedly said that it was “a lot of luck” that the attack had not caused casualties.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a coalition of Iran-backed militant groups in Iraq and Syria, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying in a statement that it was “in support of Gaza.”

It represents the first case of a kamikaze drone falling in the Golan Heights since October 7, when Hamas terrorists massacred 1,200 people in southern Israel.

Additionally, the militias claimed to have attacked a site belonging to the U.S.-led coalition near the Erbil International Airport earlier on Wednesday. The group has also claimed several times that they fired drones towards Eilat in southern Israel since the start of the war.


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