Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's office
Hezbollah missile-conversion sites in Beirut

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday revealed to the UN general assembly that Hezbollah had placed missile sites in Lebanon, the IDF Spokesperson’s office released satellite images showing Hezbollah’s precise missile-conversion infrastructure in the heart of Beirut.

Hezbollah missile-conversion site near the Hariri International Airport in Beirut / Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s office

“Hezbollah officials made a conscious decision to transfer the center of gravity of the precision missile project, which they have been dealing with for some time, to the civilian space in the heart of Beirut,” the IDF spokesperson said.

Hezbollah missile-conversion site near a marina in Beirut / Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s office

The missile sites were placed in three locations: the Hezbollah soccer team’s stadium; near the Hariri International Airport; and in a marina in the heart of a residential neighborhood and close to civilian buildings, located only 500 meters from the airport’s landing strip.

Hezbollah missile-conversion site near a soccer field in Beirut / Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s office

“The accuracy project is carried out using Iranian knowledge, technology, funding and guidance,” the IDF spokesperson said, adding that “one of the attempts to transfer from Syria to Lebanon machines designed to convert precision rockets was attacked by Israel on September 17, 2018.”

Hezbollah missile-conversion site near several civilian structures, including a school and a mosque in the heart of Beirut / Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s office

In addition to the exposed sites, there are other sites in and around Beirut where Hezbollah is working to establish similar facilities. “Israel monitors these sites with a variety of capabilities and means,” the IDF Spokesperson said.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s announcement, Israel holds a great deal of information about the accuracy project, and prepares a variety of operational responses, methods and tools:

“Extensive efforts have led to the fact that, as of September 2018, there is no remaining active factory in Lebanon that carries out industrial conversion to precision weapons,” the Spokesperson said.