Photo Credit: Hassan Jedi/Flash90; Unknown photographer via Wikimedia
Ismael Haniyeh (L) and Hassan Nasrallah

The head of Hamas’ political bureau Ismael Haniyeh met on Sunday with Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to discuss ways to resist US President Donald Trump’s ongoing campaign promoting normalization with Israel, The Daily Star of Lebanon reported.


Haniyeh is in Lebanon in an attempt to “shore up the Arab and Islamic stance toward Israel” which has been skewing in favor of the United Arab Emirates’ “full normalization of relations” with the Jewish State.

Hezbollah on Sunday released a statement saying Nasrallah and Haniyeh discussed the “development of cooperation and coordination mechanisms between the two parties,” or, in other words, how can two bloodsucking, parasite, terrorist groups stop their productive, prosperous neighbors from joining the civilized world.

The Hezbollah statement said that the relationship between the two terrorist groups was “based on the foundations of faith, brotherhood, jihad and common destiny.”

That last part, about the common destiny, could turn out to be outright prophetic.

This is the arch-terrorist Haniyeh’s first visit to Lebanon in 27 years. According to The daily Star, in addition to Nasrallah, he met last week with Lebanon’s acting prime minister Hassan Diab, a Sunni Muslim, a meeting Haniyeh described as “positive.” Haniyeh also met with the pro-Syrian Parliament Speaker and head of the Amal movement Nabih Berri, also Sunni..

From Beirut, Haniyeh conducted a Zoom meeting with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, their first meeting since 2013. Abbas, who spoke from Rmallah, said, referring to the Gulf States’ declaration that peace with Israel would depend on an implementation of the 2-state solution: “We cannot accept anyone speaking in our name. We have never allowed it, and we will not allow it, ever.”

“We will never accept the United States as the sole mediator for negotiations, and we will not accept its plan,” Abbas declared, calling for Palestinian unity to counter President trump’s strategy.

Haniyeh also called for a united front over the Zoom platform from Beirut, saying, “We must restore our national unity, put an end to division and establish a unified Palestinian position to confront projects directed against our people.”

Hamas and the PLO issued a communiqué after the Zoom talk, announcing the creation, over the next five weeks, of a joint committee to organize “the popular resistance” and “put an end to the divisions” between the two groups.

As we always do on these occasions, we recommend to the PLO representatives to these committee meetings to avoid the rooftops, since there has been a trend established of PLO representatives being dis-roofed by their Hamas counterparts.