Photo Credit: Courtesy the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights image of the IAF attack, Feb. 23, 2020

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Monday morning that it documented casualties due to the Israeli bombing of sites south of the capital Damascus, where at least six people were killed: two members of the Islamic Jihad movement and four from the pro-Iranian forces, one of whom a Syrian national.

They were killed in the Israeli after midnight strikes that targeted sites belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards south of Damascus, a few kilometers from the Damascus International Airport.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that one of the missiles targeted a site where officers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Islamic Jihad were present, and where Syrian officers had been present just before the Israeli missiles struck. The observatory reported that the Syrian air defense system managed to shoot down a number of Israeli missiles before the rest of them reached and killed their targets.

The report from SANA, the official Syrian news agency, was all about how the Syrian army air defenses intercepted Israeli missiles that targeted the surroundings of Damascus – they had nothing to say about the dead terrorists.

“A military source announced that at 11:25 PM … the Israeli warplanes targeted, from outside Syrian airspace and from over the occupied Syrian Golan, the surrounding of Damascus with a number of batches of missiles. The army immediately confronted them with high competence, and destroyed the majority of them before reaching their targets, and verification is still going in the outcomes of the aggression.”

Six outcomes as of Monday morning, we are led to believe.