Photo Credit: Al-Manar TV screen capture
Terrorist organization Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, on al-Manar TV.

So far, terror attacks have not convinced the Jews to leave the Land of Israel, nor have wars stopped the ingathering of the Jews from the four corners of the Earth.

Thus Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah is now trying a new tactic, accusing the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of pushing the region into a war in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, and urging Jews who came on aliyah to flee before it’s too late.


Addressing “non-Zionist Jews,” Nasrallah warned in a speech on Sunday, delivered on the occasion of “Ashura” – the anniversary of the killing in 680 CE of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammed – that “nowhere in Israel will be safe” in the next war with Hezbollah.

“I call on anyone who came to occupied Palestine to leave it and return to the lands you came from, so you will not be the fuel for any war waged by your foolish government,” Nasrallah said.

Using typical psychological warfare tactics, he claimed the terror group is not waging a conflict with the Jewish People, but rather with the Zionist government of Israel. Those who do not support the concept of Israel as the Jewish homeland, he said, should have the opportunity to flee before the armed conflict begins.

The terrorist leader called on Jewish immigrants to Israel to “leave and return to the countries from which they came, so they don’t become fuel for any war that the idiotic Netanyahu government takes them to,” as he put it. “Netanyahu and his government do not know how the war will end if they start one,” he said, “and they do not have an accurate picture of what to expect should they embark on the folly of war.”

Israeli government and military officials have repeatedly offered Hezbollah fair warning that the group – and Lebanon – will be laid waste if it tests the Israel Defense Forces in a war.



  1. Ha, ha, ha, so prodigal with words but totally bankrupt of deeds. Would Israel allow herself to be decimated, and would not Lebanon or Syria be scorched for her survival? If Israel found herself to be lynched or strangled out of breath would she hesitate to use her ultimate weapon?

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