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Supply truck from el Arish driving into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza, July 18, 2010.

President Joe Biden’s Administration on Monday leveraged its support to Israel in a manner that left no doubt about the Jewish State being a client state in the most humiliating sense of the word. Prime Minister Benjamin took it on the chin with a smile of gratitude, preparing his people for what many suspected was coming, reneging on all his promises of what he would do to Hamas and how much it would hurt.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated Tuesday morning that in the discussions he held tonight with Netanyahu and the War Cabinet ministers, it was agreed to formulate a plan to deliver aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip.


According to Blinken, it was “critical” that this aid get to Gaza as soon as possible.

The discussion at the Kirya in Tel Aviv lasted more than seven hours, and at around 2:30 in the morning, Blinken left. And only at the end of the discussion in which the plan to resupply Gaza was hatched, did Blinken announce President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel on Wednesday.

He held it under Netanyahu’s nose for seven hours before letting him bite into it.

Blinken said that during his visit, Biden will expect Israel to explain how it operates to reduce the harm to civilians while attacking Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza, and stressed that the US President also expects Israel to allow humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip “in a way that will not favor Hamas.”

Hamas, as you know, was accused by the UN of robbing its supplies of gasoline and other goods from its Gaza storehouse (the UN has since deleted that tweet) – does anyone seriously believe whatever humanitarian supplies get into Gaza will not go directly to Hamas? Who will stop them? The UN?

And the supply trucks emerging from a parking lot in el Arish in the northern Sinai – who exactly verifies what kind of “humanitarian aid” they are carrying?

Meanwhile, as the US amasses two, and soon to be three aircraft carriers on Israel’s shores, enough to fight the Arabs, the Russians, and a UFO invasion, if need be, Pentagon officials reported that a rapid response force of nearly 2,000 Marines is moving to Israel via the Red Sea. Rest assured, this exaggerated show of strength is directed not only at Hezbollah and the rest of the bad actors in the region – it is also directed at Israel.

According to the NY Times, Israel has asked the US for $10 billion in emergency aid, and in response, the White House is working on legislation that will tie in aid to Israel with aid to Ukraine, which the Republican majority in the House dislikes. But not to worry, the administration plans to attach funds for a wall along the southern border to sweeten the deal. It’s one of those times when you don’t want just to see how the sausage is made, you should probably avoid the sausage, too.

Finally, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said on Monday that Biden will also travel to Jordan to meet King Abdullah II, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Kirby reportedly used “Palestinian President” referring to Abbas, which is what Abbas is surely going to be if the Democrats win the White House in 2024.


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