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Third-grade pupil acting the part of Hitler in a program produced by his class at NYC's Lincoln School of Teachers' College, Columbia University.

English teacher Marilyn Reiley stopped two Teton Valley, Idaho, High School students who dressed as Adolf Hitler and a Jewish person on Halloween last week, Teton Valley News reported on Monday.

According to Principal Sam Zgg, the student wearing the Hitler costume was pulling the student dressed as a Jewish person on a leash around the lunch room.

Teton High School with mascot / YouTube screenshot

The “Hitler” student wore a hat and a mustache, but it’s not clear if he was also wearing a Nazi symbol. The “Jewish” was wearing a star, but Principal Zogg was not sure if it was the Star of David.

Reiley made the students take off the costumes and explained that dressing like that was wrong, Zogg told Teton Valley News.

The Jewish Press Online checked to verify that Principal Samuel Zogg really exists, and he does. The reason we did that is that any follower of white power neo-Nazi Klan garbage is familiar with the acronym ZOG, which stands for “Zionist Occupation Government,” and was made up by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists who believe Jews secretly control the governments of Western countries.

Zgg went over the school’s “Harassment Protocol” (yes, it, too, actually exists), and suggested the offending students could benefit from attending a production of the school’s play which was written by Holocaust survivor.

“We don’t make fun of people in history,” Zogg told Teton Valley News. “They thought it was a joke and we talked about how it was not a joke. I applaud Ms. Reiley and whoever else has talked to them about this.”

“There is no simple fix to this,” Zogg said. “We are trying to address this as a staff. These were two kids and not the whole student body. We have to look at the whole issue to prevent even two kids from doing this again.”

Back in August, California teenagers were captured on video raising the Nazi salute at an off-campus event:

And in November 2018, students at Baraboo High School in Wisconsin gave the Nazi salute in a group picture:

According to Zogg, the Hitler and Jew duo were only the worst in a list of questionable-taste costumes his students wore for this year’s Halloween. Other choices included a prostitute and Jesus.


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