IfNotNow this week moved from merely being a bunch of useful Jewish idiots who harass summer camp administrators and Democratic presidential candidates with their furious hate for Israel – to an enemy of the Jewish people. They did it by dedicating themselves to widening the rift between the mainstream Jewish American community and the African American community, and in their demented zeal to soil the Jewish State’s good name may have caused real damage.

And so a couple hundred Jewish kids bereft of a moral compass who buy themselves one by throwing dirt on their Jewish brothers and sisters in America and Israel have now joined the efforts of serious anti-Semitic players such as Louis Farrakhan to foment anti-Jewish hate.


It began with a statement of sympathy with the plight of African Americans that was issued on June 7 by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee:

“On the eve of George Floyd’s funeral, we join with millions of Americans who continue to mourn his murder. His death is a shattering reminder of the injustice & inequities that Black Americans still endure in our society. The scourge of racism, intolerance & inequality must end.

“AIPAC is deeply and unshakably committed to the core American values of equality, freedom and justice. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Black community in its ongoing struggle for the same rights and respect to which all Americans are entitled.”

To which our young friends at IfNotNow responded in an angry tweet:

“At what point in time was AIPAC ever committed to equality, freedom, or justice? AIPAC was too busy dehumanizing Palestinians and their allies all these decades to care about that. P.S. the cowards at AIPAC couldn’t even manage to say #BlacklivesMatter.”

This was followed, as expected, by the usual bombardment of professional anti-Israel voices, all of them lambasting a major Jewish American organization for daring to say they were sorry for the suffering of black Americans.

Funny thing: a couple of days before the AIPAC statement, Aiden Pink, deputy news editor at the Forward, complained angrily that “AIPAC is one of the only Jewish groups that hasn’t made a statement about the killing of George Floyd. It also courts African-Americans for political support. Both black and white AIPAC activists are outraged by the organization’s silence.”

So now they did, only to be told they have no business expressing their sympathy over the killing of George Floyd.

AIPAC is in the business of buying friends for the Israeli cause – that’s the nature of a PAC. Jewish Insider revealed last Sunday that AIPAC did send its sympathies in a letter to the African American members of Congress in its sphere. And the reason AIPAC can’t show solidarity with BLM is that this movement has been tainted by some of its members’ ties to Farrakhan and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the very elements in American society AIPAC is fighting.

Incidentally, few countries in the world have been more dedicated through real action to the idea that black lives matter: Israeli medical crews have been flown to Haiti and to east and west Africa in times of crisis – while those IfNotNow activists have been igniting the fires of self-hatred (see video above).

African Americans play a vital role in carrying out AIPAC’s mission – strengthening the bond between the United States and Israel so that both are safer and more secure, according to the group’s website. African Americans make up 13% of the US population, and the Congressional Black Caucus consists of 44 members in the 113th Congress – most of whom have maintained a good relationship with Israel and with AIPAC. IfNotNow is determined to sabotage these hard earned ties. At today’s brittle times, inflammatory libel about the evil Zionist state could push back Israel’s African American friends and allies:

The Reverend Dr. DeeDee M. Coleman, Pastor of the Russell Street Missionary Baptist Church, the oldest church in the North End of Detroit, is on the record as saying, “I believe that we all need a thriving AIPAC to empower us to lift up our voices to Capitol Hill and the corridors of the White House.”

Michigan’s Greater New Mount Moriah Baptist Church’s pastor Rev. Kenneth James Flowers has said: “If we stand together and lift our voices together as one, then our leaders – America’s leaders – will understand that Israel is here to stay. They will understand that we as a people stand together with Israel today and even forever more. AIPAC matters. Relationships matter. Standing up for right matters.”

And Steve Benjamin, Mayor Columbia, South Carolina, stated: “I understand the importance of the US-Israel relationship as I have never understood it before. It is a mutually beneficial…and mutually imperative alliance. I’m proud to support it…and honored to do it through my strong association with AIPAC.”

Which proves once again that a small group of idiots can destroy the work of a thousand good people. Boycott IfNotNow.


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