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Stop The Steal marchers in Minnesota, November 14, 2020.

According to the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s public affairs office, at least four people were stabbed and 23 arrested Saturday night during the mass “Stop the Steal” protests in Washington, DC against Friday’s Supreme Court Decision to reject the Texas Attorney General’s appeal against several swing states that voted for Democrat Joe Biden. DC Fire and EMS transported eight people from the protest area, including the four stabbing victims, who were in critical condition. Two police officers were also injured.

On the lighter side of the constitutional crisis in America: the mass rally on Saturday also drew a small band of five pro-Israel Christians, who, according to Reuters, was doing something biblical to change the election’s outcome: they pulled a Joshua Bin Nun.


Ron Hazard of Morristown, New Jersey, and his four friends, stood outside the Justice Department in Washington, DC, and blew shofars to, as Reuters quoted them as saying, “bring down the spiritual walls of corruption.”

Hazard’s band of biblical miracle reenactors, one of whom was wearing a tallit, are Christians “who love the Jewish people,” and “love Israel,” according to Reuters. Hazard told the press: “We believe what is going on in this county is an important thing. It’s a balance between biblical values and anti-biblical values.”

The vanguard marched in front of the priests who were blowing the horns, and the rear guard marched behind the Ark, with the horns sounding all the time. … On the seventh day, they rose at daybreak and marched around the city, in the same manner, seven times; that was the only day that they marched around the city seven times. On the seventh round, as the priests blew the horns, Joshua commanded the people, “Shout! For the Lord has given you the city.” (Joshua 6)

Organizers and church groups called on their people to show up at “Jerico Marches,” and at the “Stop the Steal” rally in DC, which was led by the recently pardoned former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the latter told the protesters they were standing inside the breached walls of Jericho.

A Christian website called All About Prayer explains that “a Jericho March is what some may refer to as a prayer walk by a group or congregation. The purpose is to pray for or against something and ask God to intercede, protect, or change something. For instance, many Jericho Marches have been prayed throughout the United States against abortion or against gang activity in a declining neighborhood.

“Other Jericho Marches have occurred to ask God’s protection over our leaders or cities or for revival to come. Still others have taken place around church buildings, asking for protection, blessing, or against worldly influences that attract our teens, or for almost any specific purpose. It is a test of faith, trust in God to move, and a test of obedience. These marches are patterned after the march on Jericho by Joshua as instructed by the Lord.”

As you can see from the images enclosed here, none of these church-going demonstrators were involved in the violence described at the beginning of this report. The violence came as a few hundred “Proud Boys” who joined the march had a confrontation with Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters outside the White House.


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