Two New Documentaries Bring Holocaust Survivors To The Big Screen

Gradually, a picture emerged of survivors who had each experienced a different horror, but who all shared the pain of living with the memory.

Actor Is Ready To Raise The “Roof” Once Again As Tevye In Yiddish Fiddler

The sad truth is that audiences now know that violence against Jews is no longer relegated to stories from years ago of the Russian czar kicking Jews out of Russia, but seen in Pittsburgh, New York, Los Angeles, and across the globe.

The Last of the Unjust

Neither helpless victims nor able to escape the killer’s clutches, the leaders had to make impossible choices on a daily basis in a never-ending dance with the devil.

The Memory Alive

The most uplifting aspect of the film was the footage from the displaced persons camps.

New Film About Polish Jewry Makes Emotional Debut

Rabbi Lau is a world class speaker. When he relates stories, even concentration camp stories, the audience is mesmerized. As we would soon discover, he is in the movie as well.

Yissachar Dror – Yachid Bimlucha – You Are a Star

Dror started gathering songs to record an album and while that was getting underway, his brother-in-law introduced him to his now-wife. The album, entitled Yachid Bimlucha – You are a Star, started to take shape and reflected a multitude of emotions and musical styles.

Golda: A Masterful Film About Israel’s Wartime Female Prime Minister

As a woman in particular in a war room, [Golda Meir] had to take control of the situation and make them understand that her voice as going to be an important part of the whole thing and they should not sideline her, Mirren agreed.

Comedian Daniel Lobell Returns to Spanish Roots in Comedic Documentary “Reconquistador!”

Lobell’s hilarious documentary brings humor to an otherwise poignant visit to a place where so much culture and history have been lost.

Music, Monologues, and Mikva Memories: More than Entertainment

Mikva, the Musical, is produced under the non-profit aegis of Raise Your Spirits Theatre, an educational theater company dedicated to Torah values led by Klein Greenwald and Tamar Rubin along with a large cast of female performers and supporters.

One Last Adventure For A Dozen Seniors

These eleven nursing home residents and their accompanying staff from the Connecticut nursing home could represent any of us or our own loved ones...

From Dealing Drugs To Lubavitcher Hugs, Canadian Jew Finds Path To Hashem After A...

Money from club-promoting life allowed him to stop dealing marijuana, but when he felt spiritually lost, he searched for spirituality.

Theater Review: Silence Meant Safety, But One Woman Put Her Life In Danger

“We Will Not Be Silent” tells the story of Sophie Scholl, a German college student who placed anti-Nazi leaflets at her college and was hanged for her "crime."

Powerful Film On The Complicated Legacy Of Shimon Peres

There are still some who believe that, had Peres beaten Netanyahu, there would have been a peace deal.

Haredi Comedian Is Hilarious

After giving a talk at a melaveh malka about his work experience a few years ago, people told him he had enough material to do a standup routine. They were right.

A First In Israel: A Major Movie That Is Not Shown On Shabbat

TEL AVIV - In what is considered a breakthrough in Israel's film industry, director Gidi Dar has managed to create a major motion picture depicting the haredi lifestyle in the Meah Shearim district of Jerusalem.

A Testimony Of Atrocities: A Review of ‘Who Will Write Our History’

The documentary, which includes simple re-enactments with actors, will make you cry and will make you angry.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Ukraine

Hasidic-based film "Talking to God" wins international film festival awards. A discussion with the director.

The Potent Story Of Capturing One Of The Worst Criminals: A Film Review of...

Kingsley is extremely convincing as a man who tries at first to say he only pushed paper and is not culpable for the crimes and thinks he can outsmart the Israelis.

Controversial Hitler Documentary Is Powerful Despite Flaws

Are we really trying to understand what made his brain feel it was acceptable to attempt to wipe out a people, or are we trying to figure out why in 2021 are there people who may want to do what he failed to do?


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