Does This Theme Make My Site Look Good?

In the online world of split-second decision making, having the right theme for your website may mean the difference between engaging a customer or losing the sale.

Seeing Israel Anywhere, Every Day

I haven’t been to Israel in six years. That might not sound like a lot of time to some people, but might sound like an eternity to others

Welcome: The World’s First ‘Virtual Reality’ Laptop

It goes without saying that the augmented and virtual reality effects of the zSpace laptop are ground-breaking.

How Apple Made Me A Better Jew

Over the past few weeks, I've become an improved Jew. I learn more, say more brachos, bench more, and didn't have a problem remembering the day in the Omer. I haven't been to Israel recently, didn't have a near death experience that reawakened my spiritual side, nor did I feel empty in my life and decided I needed to search for more meaning. So what caused this recent growth spurt in my Judaism? I got an iPod touch.

Reality: Virtual, Augmented, And Mixed (Part I)

For example, with VR, students in Central Africa can explore the Eiffel Tower in France and pre-med students can interact with a life-size body.

Delaying Technology For Kids

The organizers are fully aware that technology is here to stay, and children will need to eventually learn how to use it in a healthy manner.

From Feet To Amot: A New Jewish Units App

During my yearly visits to Australia to visit my wife’s family, I must endure the brutal calculations involved in switching from the imperfect Imperial system to the maligned-by-Americans (but clearly more efficient) Metric system. Pounds become kilos, Fahrenheit becomes Celsius, and feet become meters. Calculations are involved every day – and I don’t have a mind for numbers.

Parve Meat?

We also avoid all the animal welfare issues associated with intensive farming practices and factory farming, as we produce meat without harming any animals.

Robotic Dogs – Helpful? Concerning?

The ACLU made a public records request from Boston Robotics and is demanding more transparency in how the police plan to test and deploy robotic dogs.

Campaigning During A Pandemic

Campaigns are also resorting more to e-mail blasts and text messages. These forms of communication are helpful in collecting small donations, but too many digital messages can result in voter fatigue or – worse – can cause voters to unsubscribe.

Safety Apps In A Time Of Antisemitism

Many visibly Jewish people are wondering what they can do to protect themselves on the streets.

Worried About Forgetting Your Child In The Car?

One hour in 90-degree weather can cause the temperature inside an enclosed vehicle to rise to 133 degrees!

Social Media’s Bot Problem

During the study, the researchers also found 18,739 inauthentic social media accounts. They reported them to their respective social media platforms. But three weeks later, 95 percent of them were still online.

Medical AI On The Rise

Amazon claims Amazon Transcribe Medical is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), but some fear that patients’ privacy isn’t completely protected.

Robotic Body Surrogates

Users employ a web-based augmented reality interface to remotely control a PR2 robot. The robot is controlled through eye tracking and head tracking.

Drones Are Coming, But Fear Not

Why, for example, do Americans seem hesitant to embrace drones? Is it fear of technology eliminating jobs? Is it concern about privacy breaches?

Alzheimer’s: Can Tech Come To The Rescue?

Some researchers postulated that stimulating olfactory nerves should help stimulate a patient’s memory. (Stimulating the sense of smell is also known to help people regain consciousness after brain injuries.)

Answering to a Higher Authority

Forget every business manual out there, Eliezer Gross looks to Hashem for every business decision he needs to make - no matter how big or small.

Groundbreaking Israeli Technology In The Electric Sphere

Israeli start-ups are on the forefront of the effort to reduce climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions by creating revolutionary products to transition to a more environmentally-friendly world.

Israeli Scientist Wins Nobel Prize

Professor Dan Shechtman of Haifa’s Technion University received the Nobel Prize in Chamistry at an awards ceremony and gala ball in Stockholm on Saturday evening.

As Easy As Aleph, Bet, Gimmel

A few weeks ago my two-year-old daughter was showing my 85-year-old grandmother how to work an iPod touch. I’m not sure if my bubbie was more amazed with the device or with the fact that her great-granddaughter understood it better than her.

Instagram Unveils Anti-Bullying Tool

When posting a selfie, a shimmer of hearts floats across the screen and the user is encouraged to tag a friend to spread kindness.

Smart Toys To Raise Smart Kids

This is a great coding and robotics toy for budding STEM enthusiasts. The kit comes with two motors and one sensor and the possibility to build up to six pre-designed robots.

Behind The Shabbos Oven

At times, there may be some disagreement between Rabbonim when dealing with complex halachos. In those cases, OU Technology always goes with the strict opinion.

Microsoft, Israel To Sign Strategic Partnership

Just ten days after the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer arrived in Jerusalem to discuss a memorandum of understanding between his company and Israel’s Finance Ministry to form a strategic partnership to develop and promote technology.

Jewish Travel Tech

I asked people in various groups across social media platforms which websites, apps, and appliances they used when traveling to make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

The Family Hub also performs a variety of traditional “smart assistant” tasks, such as coordinating schedules, playing songs, and playing your favorite shows.

DavkaWriter Dimensions

For those who own Davka Writer Platinum and are utilizing the text library feature in it, I am sure you are probably very satisfied with your purchase.

AI: The New Interviewer

While AI has shown itself to be great at analyzing concrete data points, it can’t necessarily predict future social outcomes like success at a job or company fit.

Pandemic Pods

How do you provide a stellar education in all subjects with just one instructor? How do middle- or lower-class parents afford microschools?


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